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​​When you are looking for an international travel insurance​, budget and finance should definitely be your area of concern. However, it should not be the only deciding factor to choose a particular policy, because cheap may not always be the best. It is always better to pay few penny more and get a quality plan rather than pay less for the policy and suffer with major damages.

Below are some listed things, which should play a big role in your decision making while planning for a travel insurance for Australia :

1. What excess fee would you have to bear in event of a claim?
2. Is there an option of waiving the excess fee by paying something extra as premium?
3. Is the quality of your international travel insurance provider’s customer service good? Can you avail it 24X7?
4. How much time does your international travel insurance company generally takes to pay an approved claim?
5. Does your travel insurance for Australia cover costs of medical evacuation, hospital charges and medications?
6. Will your international travel insurance cover you in case of an accident?
7. Will the international travel insurance policy cover you against adventure sports?
8. Will your travel insurance for Australia cover your house back in India, while you are on your trip?
9. Does it cover the loss of passport and checked-in luggage?
10. Will your international travel insurance provide you financial assistance in case of liability cost?

Deciding on the best travel insurance for Australia might be convenient, but is not easy. It is generally wise to buy your international travel insurance online than from a travel agent. A travel agent might charge you a lot more for your policy, as he has to cover the part of his commission.

However, when you buy the international travel insurance online, directly from the company’s website, you tend to save a lot on the premium cost as it is free of any commission.

In addition, before buying your international travel insurance policy, do an good research and comparative study of different policies offered by different companies, as this would get you the best possible deal at affordable price.