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Documents Required for Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

​Everyone wants to keep their two wheeler safe and in good condition. But you can’t be sure about what kind of situation you would face on the road. That’s when the need for a two wheeler insurance comes into mind. There has been a major increase in the number of accidents in recent years. Traffic jams, road conditions, and the urgency to reach a specific destination, make it complicated to drive peacefully. Due to such mishaps, buying two wheeler insurance is the perfect way to manage these conditions. If you want to save on the maintenance and repair costs for your bike, buying insurance for it is a must. 

A two wheeler insurance policy shields you from injury in the event of an accident and also repay you for any repairs your bike requires. Once you buy two wheeler insurance policy, it would be up for renewal after a few years. Renewing your two wheeler insurance on time is essential as your coverage ends the minute your policy expires. 

If your two wheeler insurance policy is about to end, you can connect with the insurance company and inform them. You can also ask if your bike needs to be surveyed for the renewal process. You can go through the website of your insurance company and follow the guidelines given to renew bike insurance in a hassle-free and easy manner. To know more about the documents that are mandatory for renewing your policy, continue reading.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Documents

The documents needed to renew your bike insurance policy are a statutory list released by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, hence making them common to both public as well as private sector insurance companies. 

The list of documents to be submitted along with the insurance policy renewal form is mentioned below:

  • Policyholder’s details such as DOB, name, gender, address, occupation.
  • ​Policyholder’s driving license information.
  • Vehicle registration certificate number and registration number.
  • Old two wheeler insurance policy number.
  • Net banking/credit/debit card details (for online payments).

  • The above mentioned details can be found on the old policy document.

    There are times when a person wishes to change their insurance provider. According to the directives from the IRDAI, individuals can switch insurance providers during or on completion of the existing policy term. If you want to change your insurance provider and renew your policy, you need to submit a few documents at the time of two wheeler insurance renewal.

    Documents Required For Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal -

  • ​Proof of identity documents (driving license/passport/government issued photo ID/PAN card/Aadhaar card).
  • Proof of address documents (driving license/passport/government issued address proof/bank or post office passbook).Recent passport sized photograph.
  • Policyholder’s contact information such as an address, occupation, name, gender, date of birth.
  • Policyholder’s driving license information.
  • Old insurance policy number.
  • Two wheeler registration certificate number and registration number.
  • Net/banking details/credit card/debit card details (for online payments).

  • The above mentioned documents are to be submitted along with the insurance renewal form and upon verification, the bike insurance policy will be renewed.