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Do Motor Insurance Policies Cover Damage Caused By Riots?

​Being a vehicle owner in India comes with its pros and cons. You can go from one place to another with the help of your own vehicle. However, being on the Indian roads have some disadvantages as well. Because of congested roads, the risk of road accidents is high. Also, there are the chances of theft, fire, riots, natural calamities as well. All of this can damage your vehicle to an extent that repairing it might put a serious dent on your bank balance. That is why it is advisable to buy comprehensive car insurance from a reputable insurer to get the financial support that will help you cop-up with the expenses incurred in the repairing of the damages caused to your car. Your insurance plan will provide you coverage against the damage caused to your car due to an accident, natural calamities, theft, fire, riots, etc. Today we are going to talk about the coverage offered by two wheeler insurance against the damage caused due to riots. 

A riot can cause serious damage to your vehicle or its parts like engine, windshield, or in some worse cases can get burnt to the ashes. All of this damage can happen due to stone pelting, fire, etc. However, you don’t need to worry if you have insured your vehicle with comprehensive motor insurance​ as it provides coverage against the damage caused due to riots. You should remember that compensation for damage caused due to riots is not covered under third party insurance. You will get coverage under a comprehensive insurance plan, but you need to provide the following mentioned documents: 

  • FIR
  • Report Of Fire Brigade
  • Copy Of Two wheeler insurance 
  • Duly Filled Claim Form
  • Original Bills Of Replacement And Repair Of Damage Parts 
  • Newspaper Cutting Of The Day On Which Riots Happened​

  • You need to provide the above-mentioned documents a​t the time of making a claim. However, there should not be any criminal charges against you for the same event. In such a scenario, your insurer can deny the claim. 

    How Much Claim Will Be Settled In Case Of Damage Caused To Your Car Due To Riots?

    Before you would have opted for the motor insurance policy, you must have gone through the terms and conditions of the policy. In those documents, you can find inclusions, exclusions, coverage, exceptions, etc. The amount of cost that your insurer will pay for the damage depends on the number of factors. 

    Firstly, the claim amount depends on the damage caused to the vehicle and how much repairing or replacing it needs. You should know that amount that will be provided by your insurer will be covered up to the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle as stated in the terms of the policy. In a scenario, where your car is damaged beyond repairs, in such a case the claim amount will be Insured Declared Value (IDV)​ of the vehicle.

    You should know that a proper inspection will be conducted before giving you the claim amount. if you pass that inspection, you will get the compensation for the damage, however, the inspection team finds that you have deliberately damaged your vehicle, your claim will be denied.