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​Gifting on Diwali is a normal culture in India. We will often see family members receiving gifts from other family members. Friends gift their friends and employees are also given a bonus by the firm they work in. On coming Diwali if you are planning a gift for your sibling and you want to stay away from a materialistic gift, why don't you give them a financially planned gift? 

You can gift insurance that will go long way and will help them later in life. It will give them financial protection in case of an emergency. We can see how tough these times are. Helping your siblings financially would be the best thing you can do. Covering their medical needs will be the most grateful gesture.

Importance of Health Insurance

If you are having any doubts about why you should gift your sibling with an insurance gift card. Here we will take a look at a few critical points covered by health insurance which can change your life. 

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, we all have seen the importance of maintaining your immunity and how suddenly most of the people could need the best medical health care treatment. Having insurance will give financial confidence which means you will be able to live life stress-free knowing that all your medical needs in case of emergency are covered. 

To fight lifestyle diseases

With degrading living standards, lifestyle diseases are becoming common, especially among the people above 45 years. Illnesses like respiratory problems, diabetes, and obesity are becoming far more common. Also, critical ailments like heart diseases and cancer are spreading rapidly due to ill living condition. Following precautionary measures might help but having insurance will save the day in case you suffer from any of these. 

To safeguard family

Health insurance does come with family floater plans, thus when getting insurance, you can not only cover yourself but get a plan for the whole family. Ensuring that they get the best medical treatment would be a kind gesture and thus could also make a perfect gift for any family member. 

Medical Inflation

The cost of medical care treatment is rising day by day. Your health care premium is fixed. By getting insurance, you won't have to deal with the price inflation of health insurance. All of these could put a considerable amount of pressure on finances. If you are not adequately prepared, there could be a lot of trouble regarding covering medical needs. 


Your siblings might be saving for some plans. Any medical emergency can cause all these savings to drain quickly. To save them from this stress you can gift them an insurance gift card which will provide the necessary financial security to your siblings. 

Get health insurance online or you can get an insurance gift card and gift them to your sibling this Diwali. Not only by being the elder one you will give them the right financial guidance but will also give the kindest gift by caring about their health.