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Difference Between Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance

​We all pray for our healthy and long lives. We may joke about how we don't want a long life as it would be painful but internally, we all dream of a happy and healthy life for a long time. Health is going to be the primary deciding factor in how long you are going to live. It will be kind of the only factor which can influence that. However, the reality of life makes us aware of the limitation.

With passing time, we see that the quality of life is decreasing and we see more cases of heart diseases, cancer and critical illness that cause trouble to the person. By 50 everyone is suffering from some disease and is on medication for the same. Cancer is an illness that has broken many families and devastated people in recent years. It is a common belief that cancer patients often discontinues their treatment because of the high costs which they can't afford. We may not be in a position to fight this disease but we can ensure some things to protect our family. One of this measure could be getting health insurance online. Let's understand the critical illness cover and cancer insurance policy. 

Critical Illness Policy​​

Critical Illness Insurance is a policy designed to cover the serious ailments that may cause financial trouble to the insured person. This includes cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, coma stroke and many more critical illnesses. These diseases require a long time of treatment and can cause misery thus having a cover for these is essential. When getting this policy, the important part of it is to read the document very clearly to understand the working of this policy. In terms and conditions, you can know what is covered and what is not.


It is beneficial for those having a history of some critical illness in the family. It pays a lump sum amount to the person and offers a low premium rate in comparison to the service that is being offered. 

One of the disadvantages could be as cancer is a disease of stages it only covers cancer of advanced stage and there are a lot of blurry lines around that. 

Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance is a policy specifically designed to give the insured person financial coverage on all the risks associated with cancer. The insurance cover could be used for covering all the expenses for radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and the best part is that it covers all the stages of cancer. Also, the cancer-associated policy generally coves all kind of cancers. 


This is beneficial for those who have a history of cancer in the family and can pay the lump sum amount of treatment to the person. The insurance cover is high and thus all expenses could be covered. In the case of early detection cancer premium, wavier is given to the person and apart from this, there are several tax benefits. 

We all live in unexpected times. After this pandemic, the prediction of the future looks difficult and then it is best to get critical illness insurance and have a security for your future.