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​​​​We're always looking to help our customers. In January 2015, we conducted an extensive survey to help us recognise problems faced by patrons on our website. We used our survey results to help us shape our new website, which was launched on 28th February, 2015. Now, you can visit our website and buy any insurance policy you require in a few easy steps.

When you're taken to our Homepage, you'll be pleased to find that you aren't required to register to buy a travel insurance​ policy. What's even better is that you don't need a special login ID or password to access your account. Instead, you can use your social media credentials to stay up-to-date on your insurance requirements.

We're all attached to our smart phones and tablets, and this showed in our survey results. We found that 20% of our customers viewed our website from a mobile device. We decided to make their experience easier by making our new website compatible with all kinds of devices, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone. No matter which platform you prefer, you'll be able to enjoy all the features we have to offer. You can even use WhatsApp to quickly buy an overseas travel insurance policy or get your queries resolved. This is especially convenient for the youth who would prefer using technology to buy their student travel insurance policies.

Part of our survey involved launching two campaigns with very different landing pages. We found that people were more attracted to the page where they had to input minimal information to avail of the services required. We used this to our advantage, and will give you a quote for the travel insurance you want after you input only 4 fields of information. The same system applies to the rest of our insurance products as well.

Our new customer-friendly interface in engaging, and tracks your movement in real time. This allows us to serve you better. The website also has helpful suggestions and tips available should you need any advice while choosing a policy, be it a Schengen travel insurance policy, or an Asia travel insurance policy. Our toll-free numbers and other contact details are also displayed, so you can reach us in case you face any problems. You can also simply input your number, and we will call you directly and assist you via the phone.

Every stage of the transaction process offers a complete break-down of the premium policy. This ensures 100% transparency during the buying process. The option to go back at any time and edit or review previously entered information is also available. What are you waiting for, click h​ere to visit our brand new ecommerce website to buy or renew your insurance policy!