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COVID-19 cases are multiplying by the minute. There's no sign of the flattening curve or vaccines that can prevent the Pandemic from spreading any further. Amid these unprecedented times, the prominence of proper healthcare and health insurance is now more than ever. Some people already have health insurance. But what about those who don't have adequate, or worse, any health insurance at all?

To our luck, IRDAI has put forward the provisions to protect us from the expenses incurred during COVID-19 treatment. According to the new norms, health insurance companies are mandated to launch 'Corona Kavach' policy to cover the treatment cost. This is an indemnity policy that provides COVID-19 treatment coverage for up to 9.5 months against a one-time payment.

Check out the features and benefits of Corona Kavach Policy​ and know for yourself if this is the perfect fit for you!


  • Hospitalization and all treatments related to COVID-19 will be covered under this policy.
  • The indemnity cover ranges from the sum assured of Rs.50,000 to Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • It is a one-time payment premium
  • There is a 15-day waiting period for the processing of this policy.
  • T​his policy is available on an individual basis as well as family-floater plan.

  • Benefits

    Corona Kavach health insurance is specially devised to cater to the financial needs of the unfortunate patients of COVID-19. Let's discuss some amazing benefits that you get with this policy!

    Treatment Expenses

    This policy covers all the expenses incurred during organizational treatment or hospitalization. All the bill settlements have been made 100% cashless enabling complete attention on the patient instead of endless rounds to the insurance company. 

    In the case of home-treatment, the policy will cover all the treatment charges for 14 days. 

    Pre and Post Treatment

    To ensure a complete recovery from this virus, patients need to take extra medication before and after the hospitalization. This policy covers 15 days of pre-hospitalization expenses and 30 days post-hospitalization. 

    Ambulance Expenses

    In severe conditions, you might need to
    go for organizational treatment at a hospital or nearest make-shift treatment arena. With this policy, you will receive an Rs.2000 reimbursement as ambulance charges cover per hospital visit.


    If the patient needs any extra treatment for health issues aggregating the effect of COVID-19 in the body, this policy will cover the expenses of those treatments as well.


    This virus is extremely communicable, meaning, if one member of the family gets infected, other family members are most likely to come under its effect as well. The family floater plan under this policy provides a 10% discount for 1st family member, 20% for second, 30% for third, and 40% for every member thereafter.

    The coronavirus infection is extremely unpredictable. It is best to stay safe and take all possible precautions, both health-wise and finance wise. While the Indian healthcare system is striving to protect lives, financial aid has also come to the rescue. Go through the health insurance policy details carefully and make your decision of investment wisely.