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Complete Guide For Personal Accident Insurance

​Nothing is certain and accidents can happen anytime to anyone and nobody can predict them. Accident's cause a lot of trouble for the family and can change their future. We all must have heard of big family losses due to accident and some may have witnessed the devastation it causes to the family. Any accident cover is specifically designed to protect the family in case of any loss or injury caused due to an accident. Get personal accident insurance to have your family secured in case anything happens to you as a primary earner of the family. 

What is a personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover is like an add-on for general insurance and is provided by all the insurers. The simple thing is to ask the insurers while buying or renewing your insurance to do the same. 

Features of Personal Accident Insurance

  • Cover for total disability:
  • In case of a total disability due to the accident, the entire sum which is insured is paid to the person.

  • Cover for death:
  • In case of any sudden demise due to an accident, the insured sum will be paid to the nominee.

  • Partial Disability cover:
  • In case of any partial disability a certain per cent of the sum insured up to 100% is paid to the insured person which completely depends on the extent of the disability.

  • Hospitalisation:
  • All the hospitalisation cost and benefits cover are given to the person

    Benefits of a Personal Accident Cover

    Health insurance is alw​ays beneficial for eventualities. They protect the person from a big financial crisis when the family is going through any medical trouble. In case of accident cover, it covers from permanent damage to minor damage and al the cost will be covered

    Why do you need Personal Accident Cover?

    Road accidents are growing and no one can predict when one can get into a road accident. Although we all try our best to be safe on the road, accidents can cause emotional and personal damage to the family at any time. Thus, this kind of cover becomes important for the family where the person is protected for any unseen circumstances.

    How to claim Personal Accident Insurance?


    File a claim form: 

    You can request a claim form from the insurer or can even get it online. Accident cover is generally an add- on to the policy and once your policy is about to finish you can request for this addition.

    Submit the form: 

    Once the form is submitted it will go for approval and after the approval, the person is eligible for getting the cover under this insurance. Because it's an add on the premium amount will change slightly but there won't be a big difference. The change in amount will be dependent on the cover given to the person and other terms and conditions. ​

    If you do not have a health insurance policy get one now and get the add-on of the accident insurance which will have you protected at all times.​