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​Motor insurance has developed a lot over the years and has a lot to offer than just a basic plan. Almost all the two wheeler insurance which are now available come with an add-on feature which allows the person to add some special benefit to their simple insurance plan. These are the additional features which covers the damages done to the engine or other accessories or consumables in the vehicle. Covering these could mean complete protection and while the premium rate can slightly go up but the plans are growing in demand as there is not much difference. 

There is plenty of option for choosing to add-ons, we can take look at few to decide which one will suit our needs and which one should we immediately get. This is a mindful decision as these add-ons come at a negligible price and add extended support to your health insurance plan with added protection. 

Roadside Assistance: 

This is the add on feature which looks after the person's need if they need roadside help. It is provided to everyone who is stranded away from a city at a particular distance and needs help. The benefits include getting wheel fixed if the tyre is punctured, towing of car. Also, you could be offered a taxi service to reach your destination. All of this will be mentioned under the policy document and will be covered when need be. 

Engine Protection: 

A basic policy only covers the damages done when it is done through an accident. The damage to the engine and gearbox is not covered. There could be some natural problem in the parts ad covering them is essential as they are the main parts of your vehicle. 

Invoice Car: 

This feature is available for those who have new car i.e. the car is not more than 5 years old. This means that the customer receives the full compensation of their vehicle in case there is any damage or theft which is beyond repair. In normal insurance, the maximum claim which could be raised depends on the IDV value of the car, thus the cost of the vehicle is depreciated. 

Passenger Cover: 

While with basic insurance you protect your vehicle with the insurance getting passenger cover means that you have protected your family and loved ones sitting in your vehicle with you as well. 

Zero Deprecation Cover: 

The price of the vehicle goes down due to the natural wear tear. This add on feature in a motor insurance replaces the parts and cover the entire cost without calculating any depreciation value that may have occurred. 

Tyre Protection Cover: 

Tyre is an important part of the vehicle and getting an add-on feature which covers the damages done to the tyres would be helpful. The tyres are subjected to a lot of wear and tear and this policy covers any damage from burst to even a cut on a tyre with full labour charges to tyre replacement. Get car insurance if you are planning to get one and secure it with the tyre cover to get an added protection.​