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Can You Claim Car insurance without driving license and RC?

​While you are getting insurance for your car there are certain necessary documents. These could be to verify the ownership and personal details. These primary documents are required, at the time of filing a claim. The purpose is to make the process smoother for the individual. The Policy number, vehicle engine number are other needed details.

Getting car insurance online is all about uncertainties. There can be a phase where the basic documents required to make a claim cannot be arranged. Claims can be settled in these cases too by following a few extra steps. Having information about these steps will allow the person to make a quick decision and not panic. Let's look at the points to get the claim filed without these documents

Claiming Car insurance Without Driving License or RC

Car insurance can be raised without a driving license. The process of proposing a claim is pretty feasible. However, raising it without RC may depend on a lot of terms and conditions from the insurer. 

The fundamental key is that you can buy a car without a driving license. It is because you may hire a driver who has a driving license to drive. It becomes more feasible with vintage cars as you may not be driving them at all. In these cases, you can obtain insurance for your vehicle. There are cases where your four-wheeler license is suspended. Still, you can buy a vehicle and get insurance for it. All these situations create a supporting format for claiming insurance without driving license. 

In the case of a comprehensive policy, the issues are less. You can get a loss of license/RC add on with the insurance in case you have lost any crucial documents. 

How to buy loss of license/RC add on for the car

At the time of purchase of the insurance policy, you will be offered several add ons to choose. These add ons are plan enhancer which you can get at a very low premium amount. Many of these add ons are useful. They extend the scope of what your basic policy covers. This is the time when you can get the loss of license/ RC to add on or you can also get this added at the time of renewal. The add on can be purchased via online and offline methods. 

Benefits of having Loss of License/RC add on 

This add on will help you with monetary compensation if these documents are misplaced

This add on will also make the claim settlement easy for the times when your license is lost

With an FIR, the process of claim settlement will be done without the requirement of license or RC.

You will need to go to the RTO to get the RC again for proper application. The add on will cover all the monetary expenses incurred. Buy car insurance for your new car and get the right add-ons to draft a perfect comprehensive motor insurance policy.​