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Get the best health insurance policy online through your PC, mobile or tablet

​​In keeping with the times, we've given our website a brand new interface. In today's world of services, there is a demand for convenience and ease of access. We conducted a study in January that reflected these demands. Bearing these results and our customers' satisfaction in mind, we have remodelled and r​e-launched our website. The new site, which went live on the 28th of February, 2015, provides users with the option of buying mediclaim insurance policies online, along with the assistance that might be required in doing so.

We believe that much like other products in the market, insurance should also be made readily available to the public. It is after all, a necessity. This is where our new website comes in. With a host of new features, it is the epitome of ease. But don't take our word for it. Visit the site and see for yourself.

Don't worry, you won't need to remember yet another password to access the site. You don't even need to be registered to buy our health insurance​​ policies online. You can however, log in with your social media credentials.

If you're part of the growing section of society that uses the internet on your mobile phone, then yo​u won't be disappointed. The site is adapted, both in design and functionality, to suit devices like tablets and cell phones. What's more, you can even buy the best health insurance policies or make enquiries via WhatsApp.

As you know, time is an important factor when it comes to obtaining information online. We all want answers and quick. If you're looking for a quotation on any of our insurance products – from car insurance to home insurance, all you need to do is fill in four fields of information.

With the minimalistic layout and clear-cut language, you can easily navigate through the site whether you need to buy a new health insurance policy, renew an existing mediclaim insurance policy or simply get information about our products. As you do this, your movement will be tracked in real time. This helps us better the site's convenience.

Should you need assistance at any time, just enter your phone number to receive a call from us. You can also use the chat option for your queries. We've also provided our contact information and toll-free number, just in case you require it.

We understand that buying insurance can get confusing at times. The site provides quick tips and suggestions to help make the process easier for you, and provide you with the best health insurance. We believe in transparency and hence provide you with a detailed break-up of the premiums at every stage. In addition, you can review or edit any or all of the information entered in the previous stages, should the need arise. So why wait? To take a look at the new and improved site, simply click ​here.