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Why Do You Need A Personal Accident Insurance Policy

​​​Ever since I got into the soul of a woman, I have been named by different names that of a daughter, a sister and a friend. At every stage of life, I got associated with a new name. And today, from being a wife to a mother to cook to teacher to buddy to colleague to Boss….. my life is revolving around many roles.

I believe, a break is something  which we women hardly get. The thought of meeting all the commitments always keeps us on our toes.  Sometimes in my  daily race, I come across many questions like - Who am I?  What am I doing? Where am I in a row?  Where is my final destination?

Often I ask myself, “ is this is life”?  And then I answer I get from my inner soul is “yes, this is life indeed.”

It is a known fact that life is uncertain. I very well know that my family and I cannot stay alive forever. Yet, I am not prepared to say Bye… to the world this minute. However, if during a unfortunate circumstances, God decides that this is my last minute, what will happen to my family? What will be my daughter’s future, who is still to pass out from her school?

It may sound weird, but at times, I do go that far in my thoughts that I start thinking about my family’s life after my death. Many times whenever I get  this sort of fear, right away I think about  Naresh Kumar.

Belonging to insurance industry, I have often come across many death claims in my work profile. However, this young 22-year old boy Naresh, is someone I can never forget.

Even today I remember the day, when the claim cheque of Naresh was ready, his​ parents came in person to collect it.  The minute, a cheque of Rs. 10 lakh was handed over to the Naresh’s mother, she broke into tears. On one hand she was holding the cheque and the other  hand she held my hand and said, “Amma, my Naresh  passed away, but I saw him in you,  he purposely went to abroad, to earn more  and  to save money for his sisters  marriage. But  due to RTA (Road Traffic accident)  alas he passed away. Today when he is not alive, that we got Rs. 10 lakh on his behalf, thanks to the Pravasi Personal Accident policy he took.” 

The money cannot compensate my son, and it’s not possible to see him back, but it compensates his dream. With this money, as my son dreamt, we will marry my daughter in a grand way, Naresh’s mother said before leaving the place.

Today, I also have a daughter, and as a responsible mother, I too want to see her settle down in her life. Even if I am not around, I would want the show to run successfully.

Today, I too have a Personal Accident Insurance policy​ for my family and me.Secure your family’s life along with your’s. Buy a personal accident insurance policy today, because life is uncertain.

Article by Latha Dharaneedharan