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Motor Insurance Online Vs Insurance Agent

​​Motor insurance

​There are two ways you can insure your vehicle:

1. Through an insurance broker/agent

2. Via online mode

Differene Between Buying Motor Insurance Online Vs Insurance Agent​

​Insurance Agnet
Motor Insurance Online​
​If you opt for the first option of buying auto insurance via an insurance agent, the chances that you may have options to compare different policy quotes might be very less
​if you decide to buy motor insurance online, you can easily cross-compare the different premium quotes offered by different vehicle insurance​ companies and accordingly pick the plan that meets your budget the best way.

​An insurance agent might give a biased opinion to sell his own product
​There is no bias while buying motor insurance online as you can research and compare all the policies
If you are buying your motor insurance from an insurance agent, there might be chances that he/she may not share the complete terms and conditions mentioned in the policy

Buying motor insurance online is probably the best and smart way of getting your vehicle insured.