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Best Health Insurance Plan for A Freelancer

Digitisation has brought a lot of scope for freelancers. A term which anyone would have rarely heard almost ten years back has now become common. Many are seriously pursuing freelancing and enjoying the independence in working freelancing provides. It is a modern and feasible career choice for many. People have often seen a better balance between professional and personal life in freelancing. It gives you the liberty to choose the projects you are passionate about. 

The few drawbacks for a freelancer are that they cannot take advantage of the provident fund and job security. Also, there is no group insurance provided by the company. However, if you are confident about your work and can make sure a stable income each month, this does not matter. You can get health insurance on EMI anytime you want. It will make sure that you are financially covered and will also divide the burden of having insurance equally. 

What is Health Insurance?

​Health insurance is made for emergency purpose and takes care of the medical expenses of the insured person. It includes all the pre and post hospitalisation expense, cashless healthcare and more. With a health insurance plan, you can avail the best healthcare without worrying about the increasing medical bills. 

Best Health Insurance Plan for Freelancers

Being a freelancer, it is essential to look for a financial cover for the family. It is vital to do proper research and find the right healthcare plan that meets all the requirements. Also, health insurance must match the job profile as well. For example, with a desk job, you may get regular health insurance. However, you are involved in a project with travelling the chances of an accident are more. Hence a plan with accident benefit is the one you must opt. ​

Benefits of a Health Insurance Plan for a freelancer

Quality Healthcare:

A health insurance plan will allow you to get the best treatment available without worrying about any medical bills. With rising healthcare expenses people often have to compromise with their treatment. Health insurance will eliminate the chances of this compromise.

Safeguard saving: 

We all have some future goals for which we work hard and do savings. A health condition can drain all these savings at once. With health insurance, all the conditions would be covered and your savings will be intact. 


Section 80 D clearly states that those who invest in health insurance plan and are paying the premium are eligible to get income tax benefits. Hence health insurance not only provides healthcare protection but gives deduction in tax as well. Thus, the overall cost of health insurance is cheaper than it looks. If you have been filing taxes as a freelancer, this is quite a favourable deal. 

Cost of a Health Insurance Policy

The cost of the policy differs based on what plan you opt. If you are getting a cover for all of your family, the premium would be higher. However, if you only opt for individual policy the premium amount is less.