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Why Should You Choose Ayush Benefit in Health Insurance?

The Government of India has always laid a lot of stress on alternative systems of health and medicine. Until a few years back these alternative medicine systems were very scattered and unregulated. Recently the government started Ayush (Ayurvedic, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) even forming a special ministry to ensure the development and regulation of these alternative systems of medicine. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India which is the regulator of India’s insurance sector, has also asked general insurance companies to offer special insurance plans which cover Ayush treatment for their customers along with the regular medicinal systems which are commonly practised. 

Reasons to choose policy with Ayush Cover

If you are planning to buy a new health insurance​ policy for yourself and your family or your parents, you should strongly consider looking at a policy which offers Ayush benefits. Here are some of the reasons which make Ayush covering medical insurance good choice for you. 

  • First of all, Ayush treatment has been shown to be highly effective especially in health management and non invasive/non surgical treatments. If you have a persistent but minor problem, Ayush may be a very good choice for you.
  • Second, the cost of Ayush treatment is very low when compared to common medicinal systems. There are many factors behind this but a major factor is that there are not many patents and costly IPR and licensing involved in medicine production.
  • Third factor is the fact that being traditional methods of treatment, there is a strong chance of finding Ayush practitioners even in remote areas where large hospitals and regular medical doctors may not be available.
  • Fourth factor which should make you consider health insurance plans with Ayush benefits is the fact that these treatments are really well suited for elderly people. As the age increases, the capability of human body to withstand the rigour of medicinal treatment also starts to wane. Under this condition a milder medicinal approach is better suited for many patients. The fact that Ayush treatment is milder makes it well suited to elderly citizens.
  • Fifth factor which makes Ayush a great choice for almost everyone including the young is that these medicinal systems work really well for treatment of lifestyle diseases. Many people today are working on computers which means they lead a sedentary lifestyle and develop many problems like obesity, back pain etc. Ayush medicinal systems are really good at treating these problems. 
  • Sixth factor to make you consider health insurance policy with Ayush benefits is that it provides a large number of treatment choices which are simple but effective for mild problems related to kidney and cardiac ailments. With effective management of problems in their initial stage through Ayush treatment, you can prevent the health problem from taking a worse shape where it will have to be treated through surgery or chemical medicines etc. which may pose serious risk of side effects of many kinds. 
  • ​Some insurance plans also allow you to include Ayush treatment in regular mediclaim policies through extra payment of a no​minal amount. If your policy offers the same options, you should seriously consider choosing the option of Ayush cover.