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All you need to know about Mental Illness Coverage by Health Insurance

​IRDAI had instructed the insurance companies to cover mental health under the insurance policy and in the right direction. The pandemic has brought a lot to rest and the most disturbed sector would be the health care infrastructure. Apart from the physical wellbeing of an individual what was also highlighted in the time of pandemic when we all are living alone distant from the world was the importance of mental health. 

Mental Health is one of the largest issues and we daily meet people who could be suffering from one of the mental health issues but still, there is almost no talk about this. It was highlighted in the survey that almost 1 out of every 20 Indians suffer from some kind of mental health issue. This is not hard to predict that living at home why the numbers might have gone up in 2020. 

Also, in these hard times most of us have realized the importance of health insurance policy than ever, since it helps you covered financially in case of emergencies. 

IRDAI mandating Mental Illness Cover

Not long ago was the time when mental health was often shifted as a personality trait and no one was willing to talk about it. Now that many people have come out people are talking about it but the thinking is still not gone. People still look down on mental health issue as some inferior problem and a mentally ill person is not accepted well in society. This is also due to a lack of education about mental health. We as an individual don’t know how to deal with it personally or a person going through it.

Seeing the change Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India instructed all the insurance firms to treat mental health equally as any physical ailment and cover them under the health insurance policy. The IRDAI also passed regulations around mental illness, stress, psychological disorders and neurodevelopment disorders.

Benefits under this coverage

It is covered under the Mental health care Act of 2017 and also the insurers must abide by it. According to this act, any person having a disorder in mood, thinking, perception, memory that hampers their behaviour, decision-making behaviour capability will qualify as mental illness. 

The benefits are like normal insurance cover which includes cashless treatment, pre and post hospitalisation cover depending on the policy you opt for. However, it is important to know the exclusions. The act excludes mental retardation and thus any claim regarding mental retardation will be rejected by the insurer. 

Types of Mental Illness which require immediate Hospitalisation


It is a serious brain disorder which affects basic functions like communication, perception and other activities.

Anxiety Disorders

This disorder could be of various types and could be due to mental stress or fear. Symptoms could include panic attacks, nightmares, headache etc.


This is classified as disruption in consciousness which affects the working abilities of the brain. 

Now that you have read and understood the importance of having health insurance in all cases. Buy health insurance online​ right at the comfort of your home and enjoy a secure future.