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Acupressure Therapy for Headache

​Headache is the pain that arises from the head or upper neck of the body leading to severe discomfort. The pain starts from the tissues itself that surround the skull or the brain of the body because the brain itself has no nerves that give rise to the pain. There are several methods for getting rid of Headache but once a person is in pain, he or she does not understand anything due to the pinching- Headache. To this, they end up taking a variety of medicines, which sometimes may lead to serious problems like Anxiety, Breathing problems, and many more.

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in China and in many other countries. Acupressure has the same principles as acupuncture to give relaxation and wellness and to treat diseases. If you need acupressure done by an expert then it is suggested to buy health insurance. Acupressure is a method of relieving pain without needles or medicines. You must be wondering how does it work in reality?

Acupressure is a technique used for curing diseases based on the concept of life energy that flows through 'meridians' in our body and is a method of sending impulses to the body. Acupressure also works on your body and helps in clearing the block in its daily function, and also helps if some of the body processes go off track. It helps relieve many health conditions including headache, fatigue, anxiety, tension, stress, and unavoidable menstrual pain.

Acupressure methods used for Headache -

Acupressure experts suggest going through the following and activating the acupressure points for curing headaches:-​

Third Eye- 

This acupressure is generally done by applying gentle pressure between the eyebrows in a circular motion.

Union Valley- 

The Union Valley Acupressure can also be termed as Hegu pressure point. It is located on the loose skin between the thumb and index finger.  Pressing this point or moving the thumb in a circular motion reduces the headache.​

Drilling Bamboo- 

Stimulating the two pressure points located on the inside of each eyebrow provides relief from the pain.​

Gates of consciousness- 

This includes two pressure points in the hollow space under the skull, located on each side of the spine. Gently massaging using the index and middle fingers will reduce the neck pain and headache related to it.​


It also refers to two pressure points targeted for lowering eye strain-induced headaches. It involves pressing at the midpoint of eyebrows and releasing and vice versa. Also, applying pressure into the small depression at the inner corners of the eyebrows helps in reducing the pain and the pinching strain.

Being it is a throbbing headache or severe migraine pain, activating pressure points stimulates the nerves thus helping in relieving pain. It is proven by many studies that following the acupressure exercises regularly helps in reducing the duration and intensity of the headaches.

Alternative treatments are considered safe and secure as they do not possess any ill effects. It helps in alleviating and thus curing the painful headaches. But these alternative treatments at many hospitals may charge more than your actual budget, which would again become one of the reasons for your headache. To safeguard yourself from paying such high medical bills, go for an investment in a comprehensive health insurance plan. These plans would provide you an option for pocket-friendly alternative treatments. Avoid going out in Covid Situation and buy health insurance online ​while staying at home.

Stay Healthy and Sound!!​​