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A Travel Insurance to make your Family Holiday Memorable

The holiday season is fast approaching. Are you planning to go on a long holiday to an exotic destination in a foreign land this season? If your answer is yes, we assume that you may have started looking for the best deals on air fare and hotel accommodation. When you are not leaving any stone unturned in making your trip memorable, why leave aside foreign travel insuranc​e? Yes, you must have the right kind of travel insurance before you leave for your trip in order to stay secure from unprecedented incidents. 

Imagine a situation where you just land at the airport and realise that you have lost your baggage or a situation where a dear family member falls sick in​ the middle of the journey. What would you do? How would you deal with the situation? Sounds scary, isn’t it? A travel insurance policy takes care of every situation thereafter in terms of emergency medical assistance, health related treatment costs and so on. Well, the costs of these overheads are way more than you can ever imagine. It is best to stay prepared and buy foreign travel insurance​ to be safe from all kinds of mental and financial worries.

The best way to protect your family from all kinds of trouble is to buy family travel insurance or a foreign travel insurance policy for all your family members. Remember, it is not just the elders of the family that require medical attention all the time. 

Whether you miss your flight due to an unavoidable situation at the last minute, lose your baggage, meet with an accident or fall sick suddenly, travel insurance covers the costs associated with any of these issues.

There are two types of foreign travel insurance policies – one is the single trip and the other is the multi trip travel insurance. Single trip insurance is usually chosen by people those who travel just once a year whereas multi trip insurance is ideal for people who travel all round the year. If you travel frequently, buying multi trip travel insurance will save a lot of your time and money.

Here are a few benefits which you can enjoy when you have travel insurance –

Whether you meet with an accident or encounter any type of medical emergency, the travel insurance policy will take care of the expenses related to the actual treatment and transportation of the affected person. 

Your policy covers the cost of transferring you and your family members to a safer location when situations turn hostile.

Trip delay/cancellation
If you cancel your delay your trip due to a genuine reason amongst the pre-specified reasons, the travel insurance policy takes care of the losses you could go through on account of last minute cancellations. Even if you leave your trip in the middle due to a valid reason, the insurance policy pays you for the part you weren’t there.

Lost/stolen baggage
If your baggage is lost or stolen, the policy covers the costs of valuables like jewellery, eyewear, and gadgets etc.