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Travel Insurance Myths Debunked

​​The concept of travel insurance has been around since quite some time now but most people still do not feel the need to buy one. The travel essentials, currency, bookings, locations are chosen meticulously but buying travel insurance​ is not taken seriously. The reason why people are still reluctant about buying travel insurance is that they are living in a few myths. Here are the top 5 myths related to travel insurance –

“I have mediclaim and hence I do not need travel insurance.”
While going for a trip, most people think that they have got it all when are done packing their bag filled with clothing, accessories, currency etc. but they are missing out on something really important than all these things. One must opt for a basic travel insurance as it covers trip cancellations, lost baggage, accident related expenses or accidental death.
Your mediclaim may not be valid anywhere in the world but you will be covered under travel insurance if it is chosen on the basis of your location in case you fall sick or need medical assistance. 
It also covers against trip cancellations. For instance, if you have to cancel your trip due to a sudden demise in your family, the charges you paid for the holiday will be reimbursed if you have travel insurance.
There are some policies which also reimburse the amount for the clothes that you buy in case of lost baggage.

“Flight delay? The airline has to arrange an alternative.”
If a flight is delayed due to external forces like bad weather or air traffic, the airline is not liable to arrange an alternate flight for you nor is it going to pay you for the damage caused whereas travel insurance covers you in all these cases as well. You get a decent reimbursement which covers your meals and accommodation expenses in case of flight delay. However, there is a per day limit on the reimbursements.

“I want to enjoy adventure sports but no policy covers that”
Not all insurance companies cover these type of injuries. However, there are a few companies which offer an add on rider policy to your existing travel insurance which covers adventure sports.

​“Even if I fall ill, all my expenses will be covered”
That is not completely true. You must read all the points and inclusions in your policy thoroughly before buying one. In most cases, travel insurance only bears the cost of transferring you to the nearest medical Centre​ or hospital.

“There is not much difference in the travel insurance policies offered by various insurance players”
That’s completely wrong. There are a lot of insurance companies offering different types of travel policies and each policy has something different to offer. There are policies which offer kid’s coverage at throwaway prices. Most couples with small kids often opt for these types of policies.