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Now that summer is here, it is time to bring out all your riding gears and embark on the road trip you had been planning all this while. Biking adventures and cool destinations offer a respite from being cooped up at home during the hot months. However, embarking on an adventure does not mean throwing away your safety net. Here are some tips to ensure safety and comfort while riding a bike:

  1. Wear riding gears

    Irrespective of the season or weather conditions, it is important to wear adequate riding gear when you hit the road. It is essential to keep yourself protected at all times. Even if you have bike insurance, riding gears will increase your personal safety. Wear breathable clothing and always carry an extra pair with you. Carry a mesh jacket, short riding shoes and a well-ventilated helmet. You will also find several products that will keep the insides of your helmet cool. Invest in the right gears for the summer.

     2.  Check your bike before you start

    Always check the bike and engine before you kickstart your ride. Ensure that there is adequate air pressure, oil, fuel and check the brakes and clutch as well. Monitor the condition of the bike at regular intervals to enhance efficiency. If you think that any bike part is not in its best condition, you must head to the auto repair shop before you take the bike to the road.

     3.  Stop and rest

    Biking in summer can be difficult and tiring. If you go on without any rest, it will drain you out and you could fall sick. This is why you need to stop for rest whenever and wherever possible. Turn off the bike at red lights if you know it will take a minute or more. When you take a break, it also allows the bike to cool down. You can also grab a quick bike or get water to feel better. Regular breaks are a must in all summer bike rides.

     4.  Hydrate

    You can easily feel dehydrated when riding in summer. It can dull your reaction and lead to distraction. If you start feeling dehydrated and are distracted, you will not be able to focus on the road. One of the most important summer bike tips is to remain hydrated at all times. Have at least 750 ml of water per hour. Do not drink coffee, alcohol or Coke when riding your bike. Always carry enough water with you when you start the journey.


    5.  Maintain the speed

    Biking adventures are all about trying new routes and heading towards new destinations on the bike but you must maintain the speed. If you slow down, you may feel the heat and the engine may feel hotter. If you can, take the shorter route to avoid the traffic. Do not welcome a threat by increasing the speed only to beat the heat. Follow the speed limit and never overspeed. It may not only put you in danger but can risk the lives of others too.

     ​Be responsible when you are on the road and follow the traffic rules. Remember to renew bike insurance online before you set out for the road. It is a mandatory requirement to own bike insurance in India. You can opt for comprehensive coverage and ensure that you are always protected when on the road. Several insurance companies offer add-ons to enhance the coverage and protect your bike in every way possible. Compare different insurance providers and then make the buying decision. ​