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What Does Your International Travel Insurance Not Cover

​​​​The benefits of having an international travel medical insurance are known to all. but knowing about exclusions mentioned in your international travel medical insurance policy is as important as it is to know about what is covered. Keeping such information in hand helps you in making right decision while you are on your overseas tour.
Understanding the intricacies of the exclusions of your overseas travel insurance​ in India keeps you prepared for any extra expenses, whenever applicable, in the hour of need. There is no harm in investing some of your precious time in reading through the small prints of your international travel insurance medical insurance, it will only help you save your money in the right place and the right way.
Take a look at some of the exemptions of an overseas travel insurance in India -
International travel medical insurance policies do not cover medical costs if the purpose of travel is getting medical treatment.
Overseas travel insurance in India does not provide risk coverage for pre-existing diseases. If at all they do, it is weaved under specific clauses.
Most of the international travel insurance policies offer risk coverage towards complications related to pregnancy during a trip, however, such a cover is available only under specific conditions.
Overseas travel insurance in India generally does not provide risk coverage towards attempted suicide and/or self-inflicted injury during your international travel insurance tenure.
Adventure activities or sport activities are another area which invites lots of risk. If you need to cover yourself for same in your overseas travel insurance in India, then you would have to speak to your travel insurance provider separately. Most of the travel insurance companies in India do not cover such risks, but in some specific and pre-mentioned cases, they might consider covering the same at extra cost of premium.