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4 Things That Matter In Travel Insurance

Today, a lot of people are buying travel insurance​. The main reason why more and more people are realising the importance of buying travel insurance is that the number of incidents of lost luggage or flights getting delayed and people facing health issues on a trip have gone up. Of late, you will notice a lot of travel agents insist on buying travel insurance. There are some holidaymakers which include the travel insurance costs in the package.​

There was a time when travelling meant packing bags and depart. Now, one needs to make a lot of arrangements in advance like getting the currency or looking for a suitable mobile plan. Besides all these essential points, one must not forget buying travel insurance. Remember; just don’t settle for any travel policy that you are offered. Here are the 4 things that actually matter in your travel insurance –

Details of your health cover 
Most policies will cover costs associated with a medical emergency, transfers to a medical centre and other related issues. You must look for a policy that provides comprehensive coverage according to one’s health condition. A comprehensive policy covers all the costs right from health related fees, travelling to a medical centre, doctor’s visit charges, hospital stay etc. This is the usual meaning of comprehensive policy. However, you must check what all is included in your comprehensive policy as the offering and coverage depends from company to company.

Other things that are included
Whether you lose or baggage or miss your flight, you face a lot of problems if you are not prepared. Buy a travel insurance policy and be rest assured as the company reimburses a compensation in the event of lost baggage or delay in flight. You must opt for a policy that also covers costs related to disability or death. You must specially look for this type of policy when you are embarking on an adventurous destination. You don’t need this type of coverage on a leisure trip.

Global or specific region coverage
There are two types of travel insurance policies – one is valid anywhere in the world and the other is applicable to particular parts of the world. If you are going on a particular destination like Schengen countries, Asia, USA & Canada​, Australia & New Zealand, Middle East, ​you can go for the latter one. However, if you are not sure where you wish to travel, you can opt for the former one. There are certain parts of the world which are considered to be high risk zones. If you are travelling to a high risk zone, you are liable to pay a higher premium. Hence, you must choose the policy wisely.

Policy type
There are two types of policies – one is which valid only for a single holiday and the other one is valid for multiple holidays throughout the year. If you are a frequent traveller, you can opt for the multiple holiday policy to save on the travel insurance premium.