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​​​​The holiday season is just around the corner and so is the time to plan for your next well-deserved holiday. It is time to leave all the hustle and bustle of the urban life behind and enjoy your time. Why don’t you plan for a foreign tour this time as the airfares of most foreign destinations will be available at a cheaper cost if you book it in advance? Look for cheap flight tickets and accommodation well in advance to avoid all kinds of disappointments. If you are already in the planning or booking stage, you may be wondering whether or not to buy an overseas travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy is a must as times are really uncertain today. Why take chances? Make provisions for safety and buy the best travel insurance policy​. The reason why we are stressing on buying travel insurance is because most foreign destinations offer health facilities at sky rocketing prices when you don’t have a travel insurance policy. Hence, buying overseas travel insurance policy assures you of a support if something goes wrong on the health front. Not just health benefit, a travel insurance policy covers the costs associated with theft or loss of your expensive stuff, luggage or travel documents and so on.
There are multiple advantages of buying an overseas travel insurance policy. However, there are many people who avoid buying one in order to save money. Some people also do not buy a policy as they don’t want to get into the hassles of choosing the right one. Hence, they avoid buying one to prevent from being duped. Here are some recommended tips to read to choose the right overseas travel insurance policy –

Assess your needs
This is the most important phase of your decision making process. Knowing what kind of cover you need is of utmost importance. Read what a basic travel insurance policy covers and accordingly decide whether or not it suits your requirement. If it doesn’t, go for a couple of add-ons to make your policy more viable. The basic plan may not cover certain destinations or may have certain extreme conditions which may not be favourable for you.

Know what is not included and the age eligibility
There are certain policies which are not valid for senior citizens. If you are travelling with old people, make sure that your policy covers them. Also, there are plans which do not cover pre-existing illness. Hence, you must check your insurance plan thoroughly and select the right one.

Number of members
It is a fact that buying a policy amongst all family members is a cost effective deal. However, you must opt for a policy that has a higher coverage as the cover gets distributed among all family members.

Compare before you click
There are various comparison websites where you can compare the several travel insurance policies available. This is a smart way to compare and select the best plan.