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3 Things That Need To Be Covered under Travel Insurance

​​​​Travel insura​nce​ – Most travellers may not want one but they definitely need one. Why wouldn’t a person want travel insurance? The only reason one avoids buying travel insurance international is because one feels too confident about external situations and doesn’t bother much about the outcome of unforeseen happenings. It is quite common but a person surely realises the importance of travel insurance international once something goes wrong on the trip. Travel insurance simply assures you that if anything goes wrong during the trip like you get injured or your baggage is lost, the policy will act as a saviour and cover your expenses associated with the injuries or baggage. In most cases, a person tries to get the money’s worth by usually utilizing the services which he/she has paid for. However, one cannot afford to meet with an accident or get the baggage stolen just to get the most out of the policy. That’s why; many people avoid buying travel insurance as they find it a waste of time and money.

Why do you need travel insurance?
A mediclaim policy is not sufficient to stay safe from injuries and accidents as the mediclaim may not cover the expenses caused by an injury on a foreign trip. Most insurance companies have a straight forward policy that the insurance cover will be only valid if the policy holder is in the home country. A proper travel insurance policy is way better than a medical insurance as it offers superior coverage when you are on a trip unlike medical policies which have a lot of terms and conditions to provide cover. 

If you are looking for the right travel insurance international policy, make sure that these things are covered in your policy. 

Covers loss of passport
When a person loses their essential travel documents like the passport, the entire trip may go for a toss. Though it is quite a common thing that could happen to a tourist, one must be very careful about important travel documents, currency etc. Make sure that your travel insurance covers the costs related to loss of passport. The charges of an emergency passport are quite high. Therefore, an insurance policy pays the policy holder in case of a lost passport.

Injury/medical assistance
A health insurance is ideal for all your medical needs but is not as good as travel insurance. For instance, if you are out in a foreign country and you meet with an accident, it is the comprehensive travel insurance that will cover the costs associated with the damages caused by the accident and not the health insurance policy.

Cancellation of a flight
Imagine that there is an unavoidable situation in which you cannot travel and have to cancel your ticket at the last minute. If you are not insured, you will not be refunded even a single penny. However, if you have a proper travel insurance policy, you can receive a cover if your reason stated for cancelling the tickets is found genuine.