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Why Winter is the Best Season to Start Fitness Workouts?

A hot cup of coffee, woollen socks, beanie caps, leather jackets, late mornings and early nights define winter season the best. Winter days are quite disputed as many people love to stay at home, far away from the chilly winter breeze. This doesn't make winter any less celebrated. The leaves turning brown and your cheeks turning pink is the sight you will cherish in winter days.

Apart from all the exciting things you do in the winter season, losing weight can be one of them. Surprised? Don't be! According to research, winter is the right time to shed the extra kilos you have been crying over for days.

Before we get into any further details of why the winter season is the best time to lose weight, let's understand the rudiments of how fat works in the human body. There are two main types of fat- brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is considered as the "good fat," and we are born with it. Brown fat keeps your body warm during cold temperatures and helps you fight off the white fat, which contributes to your weight.

The main differentiator between brown fat and white fat is that brown fat contains more mitochondria as compared to white fat. These mitochondria present in the brown fat act as the "engines" and burn calories to produce heat. Additionally, it is explained that exercise may stimulate hormones that activate brown fat.

During winters, your body needs extra warmth to protect you from freezing temperatures. To keep your body warm, calories need to be burnt, which means your body naturally burns more calories during the winter than it would during summer or spring.

According to a study conducted by scientists at Maastricht University, it is found that being in slightly cold temperatures can increase the rate of calories burnt anywhere between 3-30 percent.

The cold and shivery season is not liked by many of us. It is quite challenging to even sit in a chilled environment for longer. But understand this - Being in a cold room to the point of shivering for around 15 minutes burns the same amount of energy that an hour-long mild workout would. It sounds too good to be accurate, but it is true.

Therefore, if you are desperately trying to lose weight, consider sitting in a cold room with temperature as low as 15 degrees Celsius.  Do it this easy trick with at least half an hour of cardio workout this winter and get that desirable toned with much less effort.

Apart from a mild workout routine, you also have to adopt a healthy eating pattern​ to get the envious body you dream of. We know that all those yummy delicacies and sweets look tempting on a cold day, but resist your urge- you are doing it for a greater good.  Imagine if sitting in cold temperature burns so many calories, then what a regular workout routine​ will do for your body?

Adopt these healthy habits, and you will stay fit and toned without breaking much sweat. Also, the winter season brings in several deadly ailments with itself, which can make you sick. Hence, we advise you to insure your health with a comprehensive health insura​nce policy. A health insurance​ policy keeps you financially secured against medical expenses.

Stay healthy, Stay happy!