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What Is An Allergy And When Do You Need An Allergy Test?

​Your body reacts in a certain way when exposed to a harmful environment, and that reaction is called allergy. Scientifically speaking, your immune system produces a hypersensitive response to a foreign substance(s) when it enters and comes into contact with the body. These substances are known as allergens and can be anything, from plants, mites, pets, and molds to medicines or a particular food. 

The type of allergies that affect a person may differ from body to body, and the most common symptoms are rashes, itching, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, and nasal congestion. However, mild allergies can be cured by consuming simple medications for a certain time, whereas in cases of intense allergies doctors prescribe for allergy tests. And if you have Buy ​health insurance​ in your hands, you can go for a free medical checkup or test.  

When is the right time to go for an allergy test?

When you are suffering from intense and chronic symptoms of allergies, it is advised to consult an allergist instead of consuming any over-the-counter medicine. In case, you are facing issues like difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion, wheezing, eczema or hives (itchy red spots on the skin), the allergist will perform a test to determine the type of allergy and allergens involved. Allergy tests are the best ways to locate the allergens that trigger you such symptoms. 

Types of allergy tests:

Skin Tests

Skin tests are the most common type, that includes testing a small amount of allergen onto the skin. Then that particular area of the skin is scratched or pricked to check for the allergy. The patients can experience swelling and redness on the targeted area of the skin. The test is generally performed on the back or forearm. The results of the test can generally be availed within 15 minutes.

Intradermal Tests ​

Intradermal tests are performed when prick tests do not seem to work and provide a conclusion. These types of tests are more sensitive, where the allergist inject some amount of allergens to your skin. 

Challenge Tests​

Challenge tests are performed when the allergist suspects food or drug allergy in the body. The patients have to eat or inhale possible triggers, under the closed supervision of the doctors. 

Blood Tests ​

Blood tests include the extraction of a very small amount of blood to test the allergies. This test is comparatively expensive. Also, it takes longer to show the results. All these tests are covered under health insurance, and you can certainly have them for free if you have developed an allergy.

If you are diagnosed with an allergy and want a per​manent treatment, be informed that allergies cannot be cured completely. However, you can take some precautions and medications to prevent and control the symptoms. However, allergy tests do not cost a pretty penny but a good amount of money can be required in the treatment. It is advised to buy health insurance policy if you or your family already are not insured under a plan. Mediclaim or health insurance plans keep your pockets safe and you do not have to break your savings in case of medical emergencies.​

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