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What Happens When You Leave Your Two Wheeler Outside In The Rain?

​Leaving your motorcycle outside in the rain, cold, or heat can lead to a variety of damages. That’s why proper attention must be paid to keep your motorcycle running smoothly. 

If you are a beginner and don’t about the consequences of leaving your bike outside, this article might be of your interest as we have highlighted some important points to maintain the efficiency of your motorcycle.  

What happens when you leave your two-wheeler outside in the rain?

The answer to this question relies on how old your bike is and the time it spends outside exposed to elements like rain. While leaving a newer motorcycle outside in the rain for few days might not cause significant damage, doing so for the longest time will degenerate different parts of your bike, especially if it is an older model. 

The quality of materials and the age of your bike has a word to say as well. Mid-range two-wheeler left uncovered in an area where there is not much humidity or extreme heat may take a few months before any damage occurs. However, there is also an effective option for managing that damage and that is two wheeler policy.

Some of the latest models feature materials like stainless steel for some of their parts, which means that they will be able to manage rain and other elements better. Still, if left exposed to rain, heat, high humidity levels, or extreme cold, the bike will deteriorate. 
As far as rain is concerned, we assumed only one damage- rust. Long exposure to rain will automatically make some of the bike parts rust and corrode. This translates its performance problems and even a dead battery that will prevent you from getting your bike running altogether. 

Weather-Resistant Covers

If you utilize your bike to travel, you likely know that storing the bike is not always possible. This means that you will have to take some precautions to protect your bike from the elements. The foremost thing that will assist you with that, especially when you travel and don’t have access to proper storage, is a weather-resistant cover. 
You can cover your bike and still keep it ventilated by using weather-resistant covers that permits the air to circulate inside. What’s more, such items are also available with anti-theft features, which will further assist you to protect your motorcycle. 

Cleaning and maintenance tips

Keeping your motorcycle in a garage or protecting it with a quality cover is not enough to actually ensure it will work after you have not used it for a long time. Regular maintenance is a must whether you use it or not. 

There are some things that you should do on a regular basis to keep your motorcycle in good shape. Check it regularly and if found any damage then take it to a trusted service center. Plus, if you want an extra layer of protection then buy two wheeler insurance​. A two wheeler insurance will protect you from the financial burdens in case of floods or damages due to heavy rains. Make sure you purchase a comprehensive two wheeler policy to avail the benefits.

Lastly, the way you store, maintain, ride your motorcycle will significantly affect the way it works and how long it lasts.