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Wearing A Mask May Reduce How Sick You Get From COVID-19

​Wearing a mask benefits the wearer as well as the people around them. It can lower the virus dose and can lead to less severe illness. Up until now, the common belief was, wearing a mask is vital to protect other people. With more researches, scientists are now concluding better results for self-protection from wearing a mask, as well. Wearing a mask could be one of the primary reasons few people have faced minor symptoms.

How masks protect others?

COVID-19 spreads through cough and sneezes droplets. Thus the primary mode of spread is through respiration. By wearing a mask one restricts this mode for the transmission. These droplets spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks and transmits to someone who breaths in a similar area. By wearing a mask while the transmission is stopped at the phase where the infected person sneezes. By wearing a mask one is also protected as they are restricting these droplets to enter their body. Health insurance has a crucial role in these uncertain times when we all need financial security with unsure treatment plans. 

Cloth masks are recommended as they stop almost 40 to 60 percent of these droplets to spread any further. Also, they can be reused after a sanitized wash. 

How can a mask protect the wearer?

The idea goes to what kind of air are you inhaling. Masks may not eliminate the possibility of catching the disease, while it may reduce the dose. A virus with higher quickly develops symptoms and is more severe. When you wear masks lesser quantity of droplets make past the masks, thus protecting you from getting infected with higher doses. 

Wearing mask till we wait for a vaccine

We all know the severity of coronavirus. After a long phase of lockdown, things are gradually coming to routine. Though, the number of cases is increasing. Due to the loss of economy, now reopening of all the institutions is a necessity. With the beginning of everyday life what we all can do to make sure that we are protected while stepping out of home is:

  • Always wearing a mask. It is clear now that a mask helps prevent the infection. Wearing a mask will eliminate the risk of catching a severe contagion.
  • Following social distancing measure properly. Wearing masks and social distancing measures are here to stay. We may see all of them for the coming five years.  
  • Following social distancing guidelines and re-opening, everything is now considered a better way rather than shutting down everything and stay put at home. 
  • We may see a rise in cases, as long as they are asymptomatic or mild there is no risk for COVID-19.


    Not only we but everyone around us needs protection. By wearing a mask we safeguard ourselves as well as our surroundings. We all must together fight this pandemic and wearing masks is a way in which we all can fight this virus. You can buy covid specific health plans like corona rakshak policy and corona kavach policy in these difficult times to get yourself finically covered as well.