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Upside Down Forks v/s Telescopic Forks: Which is Better For Bikes?

Most performance bikes these days are coming with USD Forks while some are equipped with regular telescopic forks. But have you wondered what exactly the difference between the two is? And which one is really better? Only a few bikers will say a “Yes" to this question. Here is in this blog, we will reveal the difference. But before that, you need to know some basic components and things to understand the difference well.
A fork consists of a spring and a damper unit. The spring in the fork works a compression unit, while a damper controls the velocity with the help of oil. And both USD and Telescopic forks are equipped with the same components. But then, why are USD forks preferred more than the telescopic forks? Keep on reading to know.

Telescopic Forks

The telescopic fork has a primary barrel and a slider bar, which provides it with free movement. It is loaded with a spring and damper with fork oil, which provides the shock absorption facility. In the telescopic fork, the slider bar is joined to the triple clamp of the handle or the yoke and the damper is weighed by the wheel. This causes the full weight of the shock system to the wheel, which makes the wheel movement and the handle inflexible and rigid.

However, it does not bother the small capacity bikes, as these bikes do not have to experience the fast direction changes due to less speed, while in the case of faster bikes, the performance does get hampered a bit.

Well, telescopic forks do have a lot of brighter sides. First, the production and assembly of this fork is cheaper and can be serviced easily. This fork does not have any chances of spillages, which makes it more stable on the bumpiest roads. Hence, the overall shock absorption facility is better and stiffer in telescopic forks.  

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USD Forks

 Most performance bikes are equipped with upside down forks because these bikes have to go through high speeds, and the bike steering needs to be as flexible as possible. And for this, the front wheel needs to be released from the excess burden, and this exactly is the role of upside forks. Since, the entireheavy stuff is joined to the structure of the bike, the wheel gets ample room for free movement, which makes it easier for the bike to navigate and change directions at higher speeds.

With flexibility and other advantages, certain disadvantages also need to be taken into account. Manufacturing and assembly of Upside Down forks are more expensive than telescopic forks. The bikers need to pay big premiums, for the budget commuters, it is not a perfect option.

With increased shock absorption facility in USD Fork, it becomes more prone to increased damage.

The answer to the question of what is better in a bike majorly depends upon the purpose of the bike.

Now that you have seen the difference between USD Forks and Telescopic Forks in bikes, you can figure out the best option for you. No matter which bike you choose, make sure to buy bike insurance to save it from unpredictable.​