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Types of Gift Cards You Can Give Your Loved Ones This Festive Season

Handing a gift card is one of the decent gifts you can offer to your loved ones. While gift cards are an easy way out for you, it also carries great significance as the person on the receiving end still has the emphatic capability on what they want. Gifts communicate relationship. When you give a gift to a person which they don't need, a part says that you don't know them well. 

A gift card is the best way out of such situations. There are a lot of options available. Based on popularity, buyer discount, the resale value we have organised a list of gift cards you can give your loved ones this festive season. 


We all have a music lover around us. If you feel the person is in love with music, then there is nothing better to gift them than an iTunes gift card. This gift card will allow them access to unlimited music. iTunes is one of the most famous music player developed by Apple. Any music lover would love this gift and cherish your memories every time they listen to their playlist on iTunes. 

Travel Gift Card

India is home to a diverse culture and landscapes. No matter how much you travel, there would be some part left unexplored. Be it any occasion people come together to celebrate these occasion together with the family. For any of this occasion, there can't be a better gift than a gift card from one of the travel sites. These sites allow you to book hotels, flights and almost everything related to travel. By gifting a travel package, you will ensure a fun time for your loved one. The best part will be that the person will have the option to choose from the widest range of destinations. 

Insurance Gift card

An insurance gift card is a prepaid card that will work as a regular gift voucher to buy health insurance. A health insurance gift card can be used to buy health insurance instantly. There is nothing sweeter than caring for your family. Gifting an insurance gift card is a gesture for care. It is designed keeping in in the gifting scenario in India during the festive season. It's a meaningful gift for friends and families. However, a gift card cannot be used to renew any existing policy. 

Amazon/Flipkart/Nykaa Gift Card

Shopping websites gift card has been popular for a long time. Due to the number of available products, it is one of the most useful gift cards. Almost everything could be found on Amazon and Flipkart. You can choose a Nykaa gift card for makeup and skincare lovers. The card will give your loved access to so many different things to choose from. 

Yoga Retreat

These retreats are becoming popular. You can gift your loved a one week package to one of these retreats. It can ease them out and can give them one of the best experiences they ever had. 

Beauty & Saloon

Well, there is nothing more than a beauty salon gift card that the ladies would appreciate. All of us want the new look for the festive season. You can gift this even before the festive season to your loved one.