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Travel Checklist Part 2 - Things to Know Before you Travel

​​​​Let us continue from where we left off.

6. Carry a medicine box: You never know what you might need on your vacation. Hence, keep antacids, painkillers, Band-Aids, multivitamins etc. It is also a best practice to visit a Doctor before you travel, just in case you need any vaccines.

7. Pack smart: Pack as light as you can. You don’t want to carry a lot of luggage everywhere. Keep a special spot for the bare essential like a toothbrush, toilet kit, sanitizer, ear-plugs, earphones etc. Carry crosswords, music, magazines, books basically anything that will keep you engaged. The journey can get a real drag sometimes.

8. Prepare your palate for the journey: Eat light just before the journey and stay clear of anything and everything that can upset your stomach including alcohol. In case you have any special food requirements intimate them to the airlines as well as the hotel well in advance. 

9. Dress suitably: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ Do a bit of research and find out suitable clothes at your destination. You wouldn’t want to be disrespectful towards local customs and traditions. In some regions it is mandatory to be covered from your shoulders down to your knees.  Hence, carry a ‘traditional’ outfit just to be safe. Moreover, pack according to the weather. Most places have varying weathers at different times of the year.

10. Get an international/roaming SIM card in advance: Considering you don’t want to spend a fortune on staying in touch with your family back home, buy a roaming card beforehand. There are a lot of service providers in the market who are ready to offer exceptional customized plans. If Facebook is the centr​e of your universe, better bulk up on your data plan. 

11. Keep a Plan B or even Plan C in mind: Make peace with the fact that your trip is not going to pan out exactly as per your plan. Planning something else beforehand will help you save a lot of precious time and avoid unexpected disappointments. For instance, your dream date near a lake at a park is ruined by abrupt rains, be prepared with a plan B of watching an enthralling play.

Hope this checklist helps you in planning your trips more diligently and it eventually leads to a happier and a happening vacation.