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Traffic Police In Mumbai and their Digital Presence

Mumbai is the city known for her pace. Everyone here is in hurry to chase their dreams and reach their destination. Despite being known for her amazing transportation system all over the nation, Mumbai is lately acing in the list of cities with a humongous number of vehicles. According to a report by a leading Indian newspaper, the number of vehicles went from two million to three million in the last five years.

With increased vehicles, the issue of traffic jams is also enlarged in Mumbai. Currently, major roads in the city are under construction for Metro making the traffic issue more difficult for traffic police. The traffic hotspots like Kurla, Dadar, Andheri and major parts of South Mumbai are becoming unmanageable due to hundreds of vehicles travelling at a time. It is impossible to not to respect the way traffic police handle situation for a person who has at least once travelled from these places.

Everything is available on the internet these days, even insurance policy for the car. The digitalisation is a remarkable aid helping the traffic cops in Mumbai to manage the traffic on daily basis. Continue reading to know about traffic police in Mumbai and their digital presence.

E-Challan and Fine for The Rule Breakers

If an individual can pay for car insurance online, why not a penalty for rule breaker?

The frequency of road accidents in Mumbai is increased with thousands of vehicles running on roads. Careless drivers who do not follow traffic rules and signals are the main reason behind these accidents. to overcome the problem of such drivers and limited manpower, Mumbai traffic police have introduced E-Challan. With the help of CCTV installed in most places of the city, they detect such rule breakers and record their offences. With the help of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and vehicle registration numbers, the traffic police find details like address of driver or vehicle. Then, the SMS or notice describing the details of offence and penalty is sent to the driver. 

Parking Spots for The People Who Care for Their Car

Mumbai is already overcrowded with limited parking spaces available. In addition, finding a parking spot becomes difficult with towing van roaming on streets frequently. To simply finding an appropriate parking spot nearby, traffic police have a website and app, where one can spot parking in the neighbourhood. The website also helps the drivers to locate their towed vehicle. 

Traffic Update to Keep Everyone Updated

Mumbai traffic police proactively convey the traffic alerts through their website and app. On request, SMS service is also available to vehicle users. This digital platform also educates people about traffic rules. 

Buying a car insurance policy is mandatory for safety and so is following traffic rules. When one can take care of own by buying motor insurance, it becomes his/her responsibility to follow the guidelines in order to be a good citizen