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Looking to travel aborad in 2021 on a moderate budget. Here are 8 countries you can visit in 2021 & which follow the best safety, testing, & hygiene protocols

Safest Overseas Budget Destination to Visit in 2021

8 Overseas Budget Destination You can Travel to during Covid-19

It has been more than a year that the Covid-19 pandemic hit us and, ever since, has kept us confined in our homes and localities. In 2020, India was one of many countries that shut their borders and banned air/sea travel. However, with positive news and updates on Covid-19, things are looking up for 2021. Now that two vaccines have got the Government of India's approval and the vaccination will start very soon, how does 2021 look for overseas travel for Indians?

Here is a snapshot of best overseas destinations, which follow the best safety, testing and hygiene protocols:


Known for its wildlife national parks and safaris and great accommodation, Kenya is quite popular among tourists across the world. The country opened its doors to foreign tourists in August 2020.  The Kenyan government handled the Coronavirus pandemic remarkably well. With rigorous testing practices, it has emerged as one of the safest destination for travellers.

Must Visit: Eden Retreat in Nairobi for its Masai and Samburu flavour.


One of the few countries to manage the Covid-19 pandemic in Central America quite well, Costa Rica began welcoming tourists since November 2020; however, with strict safety protocols in place. A leader in conservation and sustainability, the country offers exciting adventure offerings, such as some high-touch point eco-lodges.

 Must Visit: The Hacienda AltaGRacia and Nayara Tented Camp.


You could not ask for a better socially-distanced vacation than this. The island is surrounded with blue waters, sparkling sands, breathtaking beauty and 60+ mountainous islands. Opened since December 2020, it has exquisite hotels, pristine islands for rent.

Must Visit: Sir Richard Branson's Neckar Island and Saba Rock.


New Zealand was the first country to receive 100% Coronavirus-free status. The country is backpackers' favourite due to amazing scenery. It is also one of the few countries in the world, where you can experience all four seasons crunched into a single day.

Must Visit: Auckland, Queenstown, and Rotorua


Mexico opened its borders quite early after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. With strict testing and safety and security measures, the is considered safe for travel among tourists across the world. The country is famous for its exotic beaches. Mexico City is known for its amazing culture and delicious food with interesting villages and towns in its vicinity.

Must Visit: Yucatan's capital city of Merida and San Miguel de Allende.


Home to Europe's green capital, Ljubljana, Slovenia has taken the lead in sustainable tourism. With six of its restaurants bagging a total of seven Michelin stars in 2020, the country has bagged the tag of foodies' heaven. Its excellent climate, nature and scenery makes it a great place for your vacation.

Must Visit: Pikol Lake Village and Glamping Resort Blagus.


Opened to travellers last summer, a third of all the world's antiquities are found in Egypt. The country also houses the only original seven wonder of the world—the pyramids of Giza.

Must Visit: Grand Egyptian Museum and the Great Pyramids.


Located in French Polynesia, it is a place for destination weddings, carefree vacations, honeymoons and spectacular celebrations.

Must Visit: Overwater bungalows and super aquatic activities.

Safeguard Yourself with Travel and Health Insurance

If you are planning an overseas vacation in 2021, you should buy travel insurance to guard against the pandemic woes and related problems. You should buy travel insurance based on factors, such as coverage for trip cancellation and Covid-related problems, benefits and features, and whether the plan also offers cancellation for any other reason coverage so that you can get some reimbursement. Some companies in India are also providing Covid-19 health insurance along with travel insurance. These travel cum health insurance policies are primarily meant for those travelling overseas where Covid-19 is treated like any other medical condition.