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Top 5 Features To Look For While Purchasing A Commuter Bike

​Reality check! - Economic commuter motorcycles don’t have to be boring! The days of drooling over sports bikes built and settling for unstylish, featureless economy bikes are long gone. With a highly advanced automobile industry, you can get yourself a classy motorbike filled with great features, without the need to compromise on its efficiency or economy-friendliness. You need to buy two wheeler insurance for precaution, but these modern efficient bikes are safe enough that you can enjoy no claim bonuses every time!

New India loves well-designed automotive of superior quality. Catering to nothing less than that, economy bikes are now available in the Indian market, making quality a reality.

If you are looking forward to buying a new commuter motorcycle, here are 5 features you should look for!

Electric Start

It is better to have an easy to use electric start than trying to kick-start your bike every time.

These days most commuter motorcycles are available in an electric start variant. Even the entry-level models can be upgraded for this efficient feature at a very small additional cost. This feature curbs the need for ‘kick’ and can turn the vehicle on just at the touch of a button.

Fuel Saving

Indian fuel prices fluctuate more than a dying-out bulb. This is why fuel efficiency is a priority for the Indian automobile industry.

Fuel efficiency zone marking on the speedometer isn’t quite the right way to ensure fuel efficiency. It is a lesser-known fact that fuel efficiency depends on the speed of the engine and not on the speed of the vehicle.

A better feature to ensure this is a throttle actuated indicator or mode that signals when you exceed the fuel efficiency zone. This is a highly recommended feature in case you are looking to make the best use out of every drop of that gasoline!

Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

Indian terrains are quite diverse, and so are the people. Shock absorption delivered by your bike is majorly dependent on road conditions, riding style, rider’s weight, pillion riding, etc. The one-size suspension will not be able to cater to the best results in changes in these elements.

Buying a motorcycle with multi-way adjustable rear shock absorbers can help solve this issue and maximize comfort. It can be tuned to suit your needs and give you the best riding experience at any time.

Modern Look

A commuter motorbike can have a modern look as well. Good quality paint, proportionate panels, attention to details can make a basic bike look chic and class it up. Stylish alloys, head and taillights, and grab rails also enhance the look. All this can be encompassed in an economic price range.

Engine Power

Advancements in automobile engineering have come a long way. Now you can easily get high-power engines with higher torque and fuel efficiency for any displacement. This feature is available in the market at the exact price range and cubic capacity as one without a robust engine.  

Make sure to check for your favorite features in your next commuter bike. Invest in the right bike that will last you a long time without any inhibitions and protect it with comprehensive bike insurance​ for the crisis.