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Top 5 Countries to Travel which has Most Number of Indian Residents

According to a latest UN survey on international migrant trends by the UN Department of economic and social affairs, India has the world's largest Diasporas. It also mentioned that in the past two decades Indian migrants shifted away from the U.S. toward countries in the Middle East. It is so, because it's easier to get a labour base job in the Middle East as compared to American countries. Moreover, even the rules on migrants in the US have made it difficult for Indians to move there both for work and studies.

Here's a list of top 5 countries which have the highest proportion of Indian population living there-



Mauritius is often compared to heaven on earth due to its endless spread of calm and the blue ocean. Port Louis, the contemporary capital of this island nation, is a busy port with a revitalized harbour and an active market. Indians make up around 70% of the Mauritian population.



Guyana is located on South America's North Atlantic coast. The nation is culturally connected to the Caribbean region. Guyana is known for its dense rainforest. People of Guyana are a big fan of cricket and calypso music. Indo-Guyanese are the residents of the country with heritage from the Indian subcontinent. Indo-Guyanese are the main ethnic group in Guyana as identified by the official census. They make up around 39.8% of the Guyanese population.


Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean country located near Venezuela. The dual-island nation has native Creole customs and cuisines, making it a hot spot for travelers. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad. The capital city hosts the lively and vibrant Trinidad Carnival, featuring calypso and soca music. The festival attracts the young, old and everyone in between to groove to the rhythmic beat and creative costumes in stunning designs and colour combinations. The Indo-Trinidadians and Tobagonians community make up around 40.2% of the total Trinidadians and Tobagonians population.



Flaunting unique cultures, breathtaking natural beauty, and idyllic landscapes, Fiji is a typical South Pacific country. It is blessed with more than 300 islands, which makes it a treasure trove of natural attractions. Suva is the capital of this island nation and has the most vibrant nightlife among the entire cluster of islands. The moment you step on board and land in Fiji, you will experience the genuine warmth and excellent hospitality of Fijians. Indians make up around 40.1% of the Fijian population.


United Arab Emirates

An Arabian Peninsula nation- the United Arab Emirates is settled mainly along the Persian Gulf. It is made out of a combination of 7 emirates. The capital island is Abu Dhabi with the best facilities among all the other emirates. The UAE has seen an increase in the population of Indians due to the spiking opportunities in petroleum, finance and other industries. 40% of Indian migrants comprise the most significant part of the community of the country. More than 2 million Indian migrants are established in the nation.

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