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Tips to Use Motorcycle Brakes Effectively

​Breaking is one of the most important bits when it comes to riding a bicycle. One must understand how does a braking system works and how effectively they have to be used to drive the motorcycle in the safest possible way. If you need a safe ride on the road the rider needs to learn the braking system. There is often a dilemma among the riders concerning front brakes and the rear brakes. You must have often heard people saying that they don’t use front brakes at all as it is too dangerous and they say that the rear brake is almost useless. So, how to achieve the perfect balance of both?

Do you know which brake is the most important on your motorcycle? The correct answer is the front brake as it has the most stopping power with up to 60 to 80 %. Thus, a result proved that it was the perfect balance of both which protected you from slipping and also stopped the motorcycle at the right time. Rear brakes have lower power. Bikes with linked braking system perfumed well where both brakes were applied in different proportion and were the best in stopping the bike at the right time. So, the key is to use both the brake simultaneously in a balanced way. You may consider getting a bike insurance​ policy for your bike to cover the costs in an emergency. 

This does not mean that rear brake is not important at all. The rear brake is efficient and very useful in deaccelerating the motorcycle so that front brakes can then be applied to control the motorcycle. On heavy bikes, the importance of rear brake increases even more because due to rear braking system the bike will be in a balanced state at all times. 

TIP: During panic braking, one must not think about downshifting, just pull the clutch and apply the brakes hard. It is shown that downshifting adds more distance in which the bike can stop. Of course, saying this may look easy and it takes time to become the expert of the braking system. When you are training in a parking lot you must practice the brake at high speed of 70-80 kmph and not 25 kmph. Braking at lower speed is easy and that is not the case when you will need the braking system most. It is for a difficult situation when you have to control your crash. 

Quick Tips for Braking

When going downhill rely on the front brakes mostly. It is important to remember that If any wheel carries less weight at a point in time it will lock up easily.
Check out the suspension regularly, if the suspension is weak it will surely affect your braking system. 
While you are riding a heavily loaded motorcycle never push the front brake too strongly or too quickly, the wheel will be automatically locked if it is pushed to the limit. Buy two wheeler insurance now and get your bike covered with the insurance.