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Tips To Increase Your Lung Capacity

​When you have a chronic lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pulmonary fibrosis, having sufficient oxygenated blood can be a little challenging. For people with lung disease, lung capacity and lung function can diminish over time. Lung function is a metric analyzed by how quickly you can take in and let out air from your lungs, how much air your lungs can hold, and how perfectly your lungs oxygenate and remove carbon dioxide from your blood. Lung capacity differs from lung function as lung capacity is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize. It is very simple; lung function is how your body uses air whereas lung capacity is how much air your body can utilize. While lung function cannot be improved, but lung capacity can be improved and controlled. So, listed below are some tips on how to increase lung capacity.


Some researchers have shown that people with COPD may get an advantage from taking certain vitamins, like vitamin D. When vitamin D is added to the treatment plan and utilized in addition to standard rehabilitation, some people showed improvement in respiratory muscle strength and exercise capacity. The concept behind using vitamin D is that it assists in reducing inflammation, which is a key issue in COPD. Adding to that, if you are planning to treat your problem, then ensure that you buy health insurance​ before starting treatment.

Having Self-Confidence

Research showed that self-confidence can play a major role in how well COPD patients respond to exercise. For this, researches divided people into three groups. Maintaining a positive attitude and having self-confidence can help people to improve their outlook and mood, which will automatically assist you in increasing lung capacity. 

Clean Home

Airborne indoor pollutants, dust, chemical fumes, and more can cause symptoms flare-ups, so keeping a clean home is essential. Consider getting rid of dust collecting items like carpet, window treatments, and curtains. Place your pillowcases and mattresses in dust mite proof zippered cases, and wash your bedding and sheets at high temperatures. Be mindful of air quality and temperature reports. When the outdoor air quality is not so good, keep your windows closed. 

Improving Exercise Tolerance

Another way to increase your lung capacity is to improve exercise tolerance. Exercising causes your breathing and heart rates to increase, so your body has sufficient oxygen and strengthens your lungs and heart. The average person’s lung capacity can be improved by about 5% to 15% even with random workouts. Many professionals suggest some form of physical exercise at least three times a week. Some doctors may prescribe pulmonary rehabilitation, which combines education, exercise, and support. Discuss with your doctor before beginning or changing your current exercise program and to make the best plan for you. Also, if your doctor suggest for proper treatment, then first buy health insurance.

The best time to bring a positive change in your life is now, so after talking with your doctor, give these tips a try. 

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