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Tips to Clean & Maintain Your Bike’s Air Filter For Efficient Fuel Consumption

 The performance and health of your bike’s engine depends on how well you clean and maintain the air filter of your bike. While you may be expecting a comfortable ride, the dust and grime accumulated on the bike’s air filter won’t let you experience the same. 

So, if you want your bike’s engine to function smoothly, irrespective of how muddy or rough terrain you travel to, you need to keep a check on your bike’s air filter.
Cleaning air filters isn’t a daunting task. You need not to look out for professionals to get the cleaning done. All you need to do is to pull out the filter, clean it and re-fix it to its position, once it is completely dried. If your bike has a disposable filter, simply replace the old filter with the new one. 
Listed below are some of the major tips (depending on the type of air filter your bike has) that you must follow, in order to clean and maintain your bike’s​ air filter.

Foam Filters
Mostly used in off-road motorcycles, foam filters are very cost-effective as they can be reused several times after cleaning. To begin with the cleaning process, it is advised to check the service manual first as there may be small procedural differences between bikes from various companies. Any negligence from your end may ruin a bike’s part and that may or may not be included in your bike insurance cover. So, be very alert.  
Knock out as much dirt as you can off the filter and wash the filter using a mild soap or filter chemicals. Repeat the washing process twice or thrice until the filter gets completely rid of dirt. Let the filter dry, saturate it with fresh filter oil and place it back in your bike. 

Paper Filters 
These are the most common filters that you will find in majority of bikes. If your bike has a paper filter, no need to worry about its cleaning as it cannot be cleaned. You will just have to dispose it off and use a new filter in place. 

Cotton Filters 
The most expensive of all is a cotton air filter. Though these filters require more cleaning, they are known to function smoothly without any glitch, provide great performance to the bike, and eliminates any expenditure related to repairing and replacing the filter. The cleaning process for cotton filters is similar to foam filters. The only difference is in the drying process. You need to toss the filter in the air so that water in its inner layer is thrown out. Once it is done, keep it aside for sometime and let it completely dry. 
Monitoring your bike’s air filter regularly is very important to ascertain the smooth functioning of the engine. So, what are you waiting for? Check the condition of your air filter today and get started with cleaning. Lastly, do not forget to look for a comprehensive ​two wheeler insurance policy to ensure 360-degree protection from uncertain financial losses.