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Scooters that Old People Can Ride Comfortably

​Senior Citizen often requires a comfortable ride for themselves and the presence of a scooter as a non-geared vehicle has made it very easy for them to travel places. It has made it easier for them to do errands and also has decreased the dependency level which makes the senior citizens feel much more powerful. Each scooter comes with a purpose which is visible in the advertisement. Some are shown with a muscular boy riding the bike, some have beautiful girl showcasing their motor skills, while some have designed their advertisement in a way to show that these vehicles could be used by anybody. 

Two-wheelers help senior citizens a lot to travel from one place to another in a hassle-free way. While all of this is fine the important part is having a two wheeler insurance. Let's take a look at top vehicles designed to ease the transportation burdens of senior citizens:

TVS Jupiter

The new TVS Jupiter has been improved a lot and comes with 15% more mileage. The automatic starts are now hassled free and weatherproof, so now you don't have to worry about kickstarting your vehicle after rain. The scooter is easy to handle and the 12 inches heel provide good grip with control. The legroom space is also ample and is enough for your legs as well as for the shopping bags to adjust. The handles are rightly placed and keep the posture straight and the soft cushion make the seating comfortable along with more storage space all of which is important for a senior citizen's health.

Suzuki Access 125

The scooter comes with great mileage, less maintenance requirement and good stability. This is one among the top two-wheeler in India. The front disc braking system provides a smooth braking experience and protects people from falling due to sudden braking. The charging port and extra fuel filling setting is an advantage for the buyer. Also, Suzuki is one of the affordable options which makes it the best purchase.

Honda Dio

This is a scooter which is less heard of. This is, however, a scooter which could even take on the harder terrain. The suspensions are made for the dreadful roads and provide a good grip. This has an extra fuel filling opting, seat opening switch, side stands indicator and engine cut off function which makes it good for a senior citizen. The LED lamp is largely lit and thus would allow you to navigate through the roads even in the dark especially those who have a little weaker eyesight.  

Hero Pleasure

This is a compact lightweight scooter with graceful design. The scooter comes with easy automatic start and a good engine to give a boost to the vehicle. This is known as one of the lowest maintenance scooters you can get and also is made for family use. It could be used by a teen, women of all age and senior citizens as well. 

Now if you made up your mind to get the perfect scooter for yourself make sure to buy scooter insurance which is perfect for you and ride safely​.