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Protecting Your Bike from Thieves

​People really need to keep their motorcycles safe, these days. Even though there are many possibilities of your bike being stolen but still you can lessen the chances by following some below-mentioned tips. 

• Lock your bike’s steering lock – This must be your first step towards defending your bike being stolen by a thief. Your bike’s steering lock would definitely deject the easy maneuvering of your bike. It would be rather good for you if the ignition and steering locks of your bike are separate. If so, the thief will have to defeat two locks in order to steal your bike.

• Lock your Two wheeler to something heavy – It is also advisable for vehicle owners to lock their vehicle with something weighty. Though a disc lock might inconvenience for the bike riders thieves can easily lift such bikes and keep inside in a waiting truck. In this case, you can add a chain to your bike and attach that to something very solid.
• Consider keeping the lock off the ground – Bike owners should also keep their lock off the ground.  If you leave the lock on the ground, the thief is more likely to be able to get enough power to break it. If the lock is away from the ground or attached up then the thief will not have extra power to open the lock. It would be great if you attached the chain or lock through the fork or wheel.

• Make use of quality chains and locks – Two wheeler owners need to make a purchase of quality locks and chains for their vehicles. It would be good to make use of U-locks of hardened steel, alarmed disc locks, and asymmetrical chains 5/8 inch or more. 

• Use many locks on your vehicle – It would be really good to make use of two or more locks of different types to your motorcycle. The thief probably would not be prepared to tackle different types of locks. 

Significance of vehicle insurance 

Bike owners should also think about buying two wheeler insurance. Whether you own a scooter or bike, you really need to take the help of such facilities as bike thefts ​ are common nowadays. The possibility of a bike being stolen is easy as compared to a four wheeler. Choosing a comprehensive bike insurance policy​ is mandatory for bike owners. Even if, an insurance policy cannot stop bike theft but can certainly reduce the financial losses in case of a theft. 

In case of your bike theft, your bike insurance company will compensate you with the Insured Declared Value of your bike. Here, it is important for bike owners to get a comprehensive plan for their bikes. Generally, the basic Third-party Liability Insurance policy does not cover the bike theft. Hence it is advisable to buy two wheeler insurance and that too with a comprehensive plan. 
Apart from this, bike riders should always remember to lock their bikes up. They should not think about the time in between their rides. It would be better to take some extra time to take some locks off your bike than to call the police after it being stolen.