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Precautions to Take When Riding Two Wheeler With a Pillion Rider

Riding with a pillion is a real art. It can be quite challenging if you are a new rider. You need to have excellent riding ​skills before trying this activity. If you want to become a competent motorcyclist, learning how to ride a bike with a pillion is a must.

If you have never ridden with a pillion, there are a few things you may need to keep in mind to maximize comfort and safety for both you and your passenger.

Here are a few precautions to take when riding a two-wheeler with a pillion rider -

Ensure your bike can handle the extra weight

You should be fully confident with your riding skills before riding with a pillion. When an adult takes the back seat on a bike, their added weight impacts the acceleration, braking, and suspension. While you cannot do much about the acceleration, you should ensure that your brakes are working correctly to help stop a heavier weight and that your suspension is put up for the extra weight. The passenger footpegs are also a must.

Getting on the bike

This is the most basic, yet an essential tip is to ask your passenger to wait until you are ready and ask them to hop on. Also,  ensure that the passenger pegs are down and then instruct the pillion to mount from the non-muffler side. Have full control over the bike and keep it in an upright position so that the rider can fit comfortably.

Tighter is better

Ask your passenger to hold you tight. Having a loose grip while riding can make the pillion fall or dash you in case of a sudden stop. They might also feel like they are falling off whenever you speed up. The pillion should hold you and not your cloth as it can make the ride uncomfortable for both of you.


When you ride with a pillion, even their slight movements will impact how your motorcycle runs and feels when turning. Many times, pillion lean on the opposite side of the direction you are turning. This can imbalance the bike, resulting in a fall. Therefore, it is important to tell you pillion beforehand to sit straight and do not lean while turning.


Inform your pillion to keep their feet on the footpegs when you are deciding to stop. If they put their foot down, it can unsettle your balance, and both can tip over. When the ride ends, and you have stopped finally, then only ask the rider to get down the same way they got on from the non-muffler side.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should also ensure that the pillion is wearing a helmet​ and other safety gear that fits them properly. Failing to do the same can be fatal in case of a crash. Also, for untoward situations, get yourself ready with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. With a two-wheeler insurance policy by your side, you are covered against several unforeseen circumstances like accidents, fire, theft, etc.