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Points To Remember Before Boarding Abroad Flight with Senior Citizen

​There's no right age for an expedition. One can travel anytime, anywhere, irrespective of one's age and gender. However, when your elderly parents fly to visit the brilliance of foreign nations, there are specific questions that come in our minds. Is it safe for them to fly? What if a medical emergency arises during the flight? How far can you accompany them to the airport? The list is never-ending. Before you start doubting your decision, check out these travel tips for senior citizens to make the flight as smooth as possible-

Plan Ahead

It is imperative to start planning if you are travelling with your parents abroad. A little research can help you immensely. When you are booking the flight tickets, check which airport you are flying to, the amenities present in the airport, and so on. As per law, airlines are supposed to disclose the flight information to travellers with disabilities.

Choose the flight time wisely

Travelling early in the morning or extremely late at night can be a problem for the seniors. Odd flying hours can only add to their hassles. Therefore, it is suggested to take a mid-morning or early afternoon flights as they seem to work better for them.

Plan activities sparingly

Take it slower and plan events with ample interval between them as your elderly parents can get tired quickly. When travelling with seniors, remember that they need to lie down and relax frequently. The same advice goes with the families travelling with kids.

Assess Health Issues

Want a safe flight and a sorted holiday abroad with your parents? Here's the most important thing to do. Check whether your parents are fit enough for long haul international flights. If they are healthy and fit, then only plan a holiday. Also, don't forget to pack the medicines they regularly intake and the ones that can help them in the case of an emergency. Ask the doctor for tips and precautions that can help during the flight. Carry a medical certificate and keep it in your check-in bag for any medical emergency that might arise during the trip.

Request a wheelchair from the airport

If your parents own their own wheelchairs but don't want to carry it abroad, it's alight! Seniors who have a mobility issue can ask for a wheelchair at the airport. It becomes effortless to get wheelchair assistance at the airport as you won't have to carry the same all through your journey.

Book a non-stop flight

Non-stop flights are the best when you are flying with senior citizens. Non-stop flights not only reduce the total travel time but also eliminates the hassle of running on the airport to catch the connecting flights. No doubt, you'll have to shell out more money to get a direct flight, but honestly, it's worth the price.

Check On Discounted Airfare

Senior-citizen discount on airfare is not typical these days. However, it won't hurt you to check for an air ticket at a discounted price. If you find a discount online, you may need to book the ticket directly through the airline rather than a third-party site.

Buying a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

The most important point to remember while travelling abroad with your elderly parents is that you need to secure their journey with a senior citizen travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy is an asset when flying abroad. Not only your parents need it, but anyone who's travelling abroad needs to have a travel insurance policy in place to be safe.​