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Physical RC, Driving License No More Required To Drive Now

​India has been moving rapidly toward digitalization. All the documentation and most of the monetary transactions are promoted online. With all these changes, the central government established a new motor vehicle rule. From 1 October 2020, all the documents related to a vehicle which were previously needed to be carried, like driving license, insurance paper, a registration number will be equally valid in the digital format. E-challan is also implemented. They will be done online by directly entering the driver's license number. 

Most of the challans are these days sent online. The person is informed on their mobile about the challan. They can also visit and check any pending challans on parivahaan app. 

What does a new rule mean?

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and highway authority, all the vehicular documents that can be carried online will not be demanded physically now. Additionally, any license cancellation will be maintained on the portal. It means that all the processes are now shifted online. It not only makes it easier for the authority to file a challan but also acts as a check whether the challans are collected properly or not. Many of the travel enthusiasts will now be relaxed. All the police officers will now be carrying a digital scanner to scan the bar code present on the documents. It will help in implementing better discipline on the road. 

The amendments will now make it easier for all the commuters to carry their documents effortlessly. The physical papers can be preserved at a safe location and will not be misplaced. The government also provided details regarding the approved apps like Digi-Locker or m-parivahaan, where all the original copies can be stored. 

Digital Copies

In the event where you are inspected by traffic police, you can present the digitally stored documents. However, if any of the documents are not present digitally, you will be required to show them physically. The digitalization of these documents will be of great help for vehicle owners to keep their original documents at a safe place. 

Commonly, many people lose their insurance copy of the original document, which later is a hurdle in filing a claim. By keeping all the original physical papers at home, one can be safer when handling the documents. Also, it will save the extra space that is occupied by these documents permanently in your vehicle. This problem is more prevalent with bike insurance but car owners also find it risky to carry original car insurance papers as it may get misplaced and give rise to unwanted paperwork hassles


The new rules also bring in a lot of transparency in the process of filing claims. All the challan will be incurred online, thus there will be a maintained record of everything. Almost any case of fraud or bribery will end from both the ends. 

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