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Nutritional Deficiencies In India

​We have read it at all the places that India is a nutrition deficient country. This does not mean that we all are eating the wrong food but instead, this means that an average Indian goes to bed without having a good nutritional diet. You will be shocked to know that many people are below the poverty line and they have never even had a single compete for a nutrient meal in their lifetime. 

With 73 years of Independence the country has come a long way and become a global entity in terms of various aspects there are several challenges and crisis which still lay on the path f the growth. Having a basic meal is a right of every individual of the nation and t is very disturbing to know that many people can't even get a basic meal. Nutritional Deficiency is not just an issue of poor it is also due to an unbalanced diet and while India ranks among the top 5 countries in terms of obesity, it is the number 1 country in terms of underweight people. Poverty could be a leading cause of this but apart from it unhealthy, improper eating patterns, unnecessary food habits, and other factors are also involved in nutritional deficiency. It is important to have health insurance in this hard time to have security against any kind of deficiency. 

Importance of Healthy Diet

Food is the sole way for the nutrients to get into the body. These nutrients are required by the body for basic functioning. A healthy diet means that the body will be free from diseases and will be able to perform better. This also has a direct connection to the immunity system which is your body's working against diseases. We have often heard people who are low on a diet or don't eat food properly to have a weak immune system and they are more prone to a normal disease than others. Thus, it is very necessary to take nutrients in a good amount to develop your immune system especially in the hard times like these. 

Foods to include to cover up for the nutritional deficiency


Leafy vegetables: 

There has a huge iron deficiency burden in India and the sole reason is the lack of leafy vegetables is the diet. We have often seen kids hating leafy vegetables. Parents must pay attention to include leafy vegetables as part of a regular diet. Iron is one of the most important nutrients and a lack of Iron in the body can make it weak. 

Dairy products: 

We pay high attention to giving babies dairy products till they turn 12 0r 15 and after which there is a straight cut in milk and other dairy essentials. These products are good for eyesight and many other things a give important nutrients to the body. This is why it is advised that a person of every age must drink milk regularly. 


We all have always underrated seafood and it is an important source of protein for the body. For those who are vegans, they must eat pulses regularly to get proper protein which helps in keeping the body strong. Also, a nutrient that lacks in our body is Iodine and we can get it properly from consuming seafood. 

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