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Not just a philosophy, #LiveSmart is a futuristic way of life.

Reliance General Insurance strongly believes that customer needs and wants form the backbone of any product. There has been a conscious effort to design products that cater to the changing needs of today's customers.  The company has always been in the forefront to adopt and introduce thoughtful and innovative technological solutions that add to the experience of our customers, partners & employees. LiveSmart is a thought and a philosophy that propagates an attitude to take actions today that can positively shape and create a better, innovative and smarter tomorrow for all.

As we breathe LiveSmart, a breakthrough worth mentioning is that of the Selfi App- a one stop solution for all your needs. Another one worth mentioning is the Anywhere Assist - a one of its kind roadside assistance facility which is free of cost, available anywhere in India, resides in the app, curates' solutions for claim related assistance & also registers a claim - right in your app. This service was launched after a study indicated that car owners get hassled in the event of a car breakdown, seek assistance or wait in the queue to know their claim related assistance.

Mr. Rakesh Jain, CEO, Reliance General Insurance made their objective clear when he explained what our organization stands for by saying, "We completely believe, technology will play a big role in supporting human decisions in times to come and insurance industry will use to improve customer experience and offer real time services." Reliance General Insurance has exhibited an unwavering focus on creating innovative products and services that enrich the lives of customers. The brand believes in identifying the ever changing needs of today's customers and addressing them with thoughtful solutions. The introduction of Health Insurance on easy installments is evident to this fact and has garnered positive reviews from customers as this innovative solution has been instrumental in taking off the burden from customer's pockets.

The introduction of smart technology platforms has helped Reliance General Insurance in creating a competitive edge through a superior and qualitative service experience. The organization has put in place robust technology platforms like MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale – instant policy issuance with the help of tabs with credit card swipe facility), Portal for partners for online policy issuance, Corporate Portal for corporate partners, etc. These platforms have helped the sales team and agents in instantly issuing policies. Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading insurers to introduce MPOS. Significant achievements have been made through Tab based interfaces and applications for claims and renewals. Another interesting application that has been introduced is the MPIS mobile app. With the help of this app, agents can conduct a self Break –in inspection which not only saves a lot of time but also helps in instant policy issuance by ruling out the need of surveyors. Transparency and real time updates and survey at doorsteps have been achieved through video streaming. An end to end claim processing system bolstered by a Direct to Hub (D2H) facility has enabled a faster claim redressal.  An extensive network of hospitals and garages further empowers customers by providing them with a wide range of options to choose from.

The launch of a responsive website with advanced features like second screen view, WhatsApp integration, end to end multi-channel tracking and super-fast quotes have added to the plethora of technological services that the company offers. Customers have benefitted immensely from various convenient solutions offered by the company that include availing a policy soft copy at a click, a plethora of payment gateways and e-wallets, one clicks renewals through links/portals/mobile, Aadhar linked claim payments to name a few.

Reliance General Insurance is one of the top technology investors in the General Insurance arena. The brand believes in leveraging technology for imparting world class customer experience and servicing its customers in a seamless manner. In order to extend the benefits of the financial inclusion plan, the company had insured more than 2 crore lives below poverty line (BPL) through its Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) initiative. It had been a constant endeavor to cover 100% of Kerala and reach out to each eligible person. An automated enrolment process had been put in place with the help of Google heat map tracking and strategic beat planning so that each and every eligible person under RSBY was covered. The identity of every individual under this was stored with the help of biometric scan, so that each family got a swipe card which they could use at a medical center.

A state-of-the-art Agri Insurance System integrates multiple applications including policy administration and document management, ensuring smooth and swift flow of data. The system enables direct inwarding of premiums to the registered banks while automated quality checks of proposals eliminates data entry errors.

A cutting edge-feature of the aforementioned system is the Crop Cutting Experiment (CCE) mobile application that allows real time CCE by official authorities, detailed geo tagging of audiovisuals and midterm crop condition & weather station audits, making claim processing more effective and efficient. It is expected that the system will enable around 2 million system driven transactions in 2017 translating into a business of Rs 4 billion. The revamped CCE app coupled with a real time mobility solution has cut down the claims costs by 3% to 4% or by Rs 120 million. Further, data management costs have been reduced by 35%, saving approximately Rs 1.5 million.