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Motorcycle Brake Maintenance Guide

Everything has some endpoint but there are several solutions before problems arise.  Vehicles need proper maintenance before they start dysfunctioning. The very same thing happens with motorcycles too. The most important feature of a motorcycle is the braking system. Everyone will agree upon this that it is very important to keep the brakes of the motorcycle fit through regular maintenance. In comparison to cars, the front and the rear brakes of the  Motorcycles work independently, which makes it less complicated for maintenance.

Follow the tips to keep the experience a lovely ride:-

  • Motorcycles undergo a lot of wear and tear. Thus, it is recommended to clean the chained and oiled for a long-lasting performance pack-up. 
  • Motorcycles should always be parked in a clean place. 
  • Put your motorcycle on a main-stand. If your motorcycle does not possess a main-stand, use a paddock stand. Make sure that the rear wheel of your motorbike gets enough space to rotate freely. 
  • Wash the chain using the washing cleaner or kerosene/diesel. 
  • The best way to experience a good and safe ride is to buy bike insurance for your motorcycle. 
  • A Two-wheeler insurance plan will help you minimize the large number of charges we pay every time in the name of repairing.
  • Two Wheeler Insurance also helps you to protect your vehicle from natural disasters and other manmade damages.
  • The motorcycle and bike insurance policies help you with a Third Party bike Cover too– which protects you from paying the cost of the damages done to the Third Party due to the accident.
  • Nowadays you can get these Two- Wheeler insurance completely online avoiding the long customer line.
  • If you are feeling that there is something wrong with your Motorcycle brake, get your two-wheeler serviced. Bike Insurance is the best method to prevent you from all the mishappenings.

    How to maintain the Motorcycle brakes?

    The safety of the bike rider depends upon the condition and the functioning of the bike. Bikes have two wheels that are separately controlled by two braking units. Let us know all about it.
  • Disc Brakes - Motorcycles have front and rear disc brakes. You need to check the remaining braking fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. This fluid reservoir is usually near the handlebar (for the front disc brake) or behind the heel plate near the rider's foot peg (for the rear disc brake). Make sure that the brake fluid is always on the correct level.
  • Brake Pads- You should check the brake pads regularly. Immediately change the brake pad if it is thinner than 3mm.
  • Drum Brakes - The modern bikes today do not have drum brakes but some of the older bikes still do. It is much needed to get it regularly serviced and to change the brake liners to maintain the grip.  Drum brakes start accumulating the dust particles after some time. Cleaning the same would prevent damages to your motorcycle.

    Get your motorcycle checked at a regular interval if you think that they aren't up to the mark. Take Safety measures, before leaving, wear your helmet, and drive safely.  ​