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Measures Taken by Officials to Reduce Road Accidents

The present era is of thrill and speed. We want quicker internet access, rapid utilities, and faster travel choices. Sports cars and bikes have gained such fame among youth mostly due to their speed. However, speeding not only gets you in trouble with the law but also creates life scares for you. In India, around 1 lakh people lose their lives and nearly 4 lakh​ get crippled due to road accident every year, of which the main cause, more often than not, is traffic rules violation and speeding vehicles. At the moment, it is imperative to look for solutions to decrease the frequency of road accidents:

In this article, we will discuss a few pointers that can help reduce road accidents.

Less Corruption -

Another explanation of why traffic violations have increased was that the laws and regulations have not been properly imposed. The rules existed only on paper. It was hard to uncover abuses. With E-challan implementation and then almost no cash with harsher penalties, corruption decreased for the compensation of traffic infringement fines.

Safe Vehicle -

Look for one that has high-performance figures if you are thinking of having your vehicle. To assess the quality rating of a car or truck, check statistics and consumer reports. Driving a safer vehicle reduces the chances of getting your vehicle accidents in an unnecessary situation.

Speed-detection Devices -

One of the biggest causes of road accidents in the country is over speeding. Vehicles that collide with other vehicles and objects prove fatal to both the occupants of the vehicle. Police officers began to use speed monitoring systems to minimize this risk. The unit calculates the speed of a vehicle moving accurately.

Improved Safety Measures -

This is the fundamental thing an individual can do to minimise the likelihood of a car crash. Using a car or a helmet or seat belts on a bike can save lives. The social media team of these authorities has taken steps to inform people to do this and to prevent road accidents on critical safety measures. As a consequence, many commuters have taken incremental actions to prevent accidents and take safety measures.

Drink and Drive Made Illegal -

Even if you just have a drink or if you have smoked a joint, the brain has a chemical impact that can cloud your judgment and reaction. Driving under influence of liquor, cannabis or another drug can risk you a license or a lifetime. You cannot make better decisions while being intoxicated. Therefore, the officials put a heavy fine on the use of these drugs and alcohol while driving.

Stricter Rules -

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act was amended to strengthen the protection of travellers on the road. Various changes were introduced. Documents such as learning, driving licenses and car insurance were made mandatory. If an individual fails to comply with these laws, he or she will face severe penalties and/or detention. Violators must now pay the sum of the fine more than twice for the offence. Some cases such as repetitive drink driving lead to a stringent penalty, for example, a driving license confiscation, a fine of Rs 10,000 and three years in jail.

It will take a bit of time for authorities to curb the rate of road accidents with a population of over a billion people and a security force of less than 200 per lakh. However, the beacon of sunshine lies in the law, taking security precautions and spreading awareness of traffic music.