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Maruti Car Maintenance Guide

#1 Maruti cars are usually known for their fuel efficiency. You can make your Maruti car even more fuel efficient by driving between 40-60 kmph. The speed of your car should be moderate enough at all times. You must avoid changing gears quite frequently as it affects the mileage of your car. If you consistently drive at 40 km per hour, you can save up to 40% of your fuel as compared to driving at 80 km per hour.

#2 You must note that your car must have a valid Maruti insurance ​policy. Driving without a proper Marut​i car insurance policy​ is a punishable offence as per Motor Vehicles Act.

#3 You must always remember that driving in the right gear will save your fuel. If you are not driving in the correct gear, there are higher chances of fuel wastage by almost 20%. Make sure you shift to an upper gear only when the time is right and you know that you won't shift it to lower for quite some time. However, it is a must to shift to a higher gear once your car is in motion for increased fuel efficiency.

#4 When you apply brakes suddenly, a lot of energy is wasted by getting converted into heat. This is why you must drive at controlled speeds in order to avoid applying brakes frequently. You must create a proper synchronisation between your accelerator and brakes for optimum utilisation of fuel.

#5 Check whether or not your wheels have free movement. If wheel movement is not working fine, your engine will consume more fuel to overcome resistance.

#6 Avoid using clutch unless it is really required to change the gears. The more you use your clutch, the higher are the chances of damage. Do not tamper with your clutch even when your car is in a stiationary mode as it results in wastage of fuel. Some habits can even affect the performance of your Maruti which is known for its fuel efficiency. If your clutch gets damaged with your own fault, even the Maruti insurance policy will not provide cover.

#7 Make sure that you take your Maruti car for regular servicing. Refer to the service manual and schedule the servicing of your car accordingly. Even if you take good care of your car​, it is highly advisable to get it checked especially before monsoons and long drives.

#8 Always use Maruti genuine spare parts and accessories as it increases the life of your Maruti car. Not just spare parts, do not compromise on using the best quality lubricants as well.

#9 Every time you visit the petrol station, make sure you get your tyre pressure checked as under inflated tyres result in higher consumption of fuel.​

Maintaining your Maruti car becomes easier if your have car insurance​ and regularly service your vehicle.