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List of Countries That Accept Indian Driving License

In India, a driving license is not just a license to ride vehicles on road, it is also used as Identity proof too. But little did you know that your driving license is also acceptable in many countries to drive vehicles on the road. If you love to travel and on the top of that you love road trips. You can drive on the foreign roads on your own with your Indian driving license and travel insurance in your hands, for your safety. 

1. The United States 

The United States allows you to ride on the country's road with an Indian driving license. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before hiring a car and starting your road trip, such as you will have to drive on the right side of the road, unlike India, where we drive on the left side. The driving license should be in the English language, in case the license is in another language, you'll need to have a copy of “Form I-94" and International Driving Permit. The form will keep the record of entry date in the country. To keep yourself protected against travel risks, make sure to buy a USA Travel Insurance.

2. Australia 

In Australia, you can drive using a valid Indian license for 3 months, and driving here is also done on the left side of the road. Besides a valid license, the International Driving Permit is also required to drive in the country. However, you can only drive a vehicle specified in your license. With English license you can drive in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, and The Capital Territory. However, the Northern region is an exception where Indian licenses are not allowed. 

3. The United Kingdom

In the UK, drivers with an Indian License can drive on the roads of England, Wales and Scotland for one year. Just like India, driving is done on the left side of the road. You can only drive the vehicle mentioned in your DL.

4. Germany 

You can drive in Germany with a valid driving license for 6 months. The natives drive on the right side of the road. If your driving license is in your native language, you'll have to translate it to English or get a German version. However, International Driving Permit is not required, but you can keep it with you as an added advantage. Also, you are advised to keep all the documents of the hired vehicle. You can also check out our Schengen Travel Insurance before your trip.

5. Switzerland 

Driving across snow-capped mountains in Switzerland is a dream to many, which can be experienced and cherished by Indians with a valid license for up to one year. Here, the vehicles also run on the right side of the road. Note the license should be in English. 

6. South Africa 

You can take a road trip to South Africa and savor beautiful countryside while driving with a valid Indian driving license. The license must be in English or translated in English, with your signature and a photograph imprinted on it. All your documents should be arranged in an order. It is best if you acquire an International Driving Permit before coming as the car rental company would ask for it. To keep yourself protected against travel risks, make sure to buy a South Africa Travel Insurance.

Now you are aware of the power of an Indian Driving License, which allows you to make road trips in numerous countries. So, get your license and buy travel insurance online before you jet out for an international trip.