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Learners and Permanent Driving License in Maharashtra

Driving license (DL) and insurance policy for a car are crucial for car users along with the driving skills they pertain. Indian government only allows the drivers with driving license. The first step of getting a driving license in Maharashtra is Learner's License which is a temporary driving permit issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to beginners. In Maharashtra, Vehicles are classified in the following categories -  

Transport Vehicles: It covers the vehicles used for public and goods transport. The age limit to get any license under this category is 20 years old. The drivers with exclusive training only can apply for this category. It is further divided into following sub-categories.

1. Light Motor Vehicles: Motor vehicles like auto rickshaws, delivery vans, jeep, etc.

2. Medium Passenger Vehicles: Big vehicles used for public transportation like tempos, minivans, etc.

3. Medium Goods Vehicle: Goods carrying vehicles like delivery trucks.

4. Heavy Passenger Vehicles: Large buses.

5. Heavy Goods Vehicles: Huge Trucks and vans.

6. Road Roller.

Non-Transport Vehicles: Any 18+ individual can get this vehicle permit covering all the privet vehicles.

7. Motorcycles with a gear transmission.

8. Motorcycles without gear: Mopeds and scooters.

9. Light Motor Vehicles: Privet cars, sedans and hatchbacks.


Eligibility for DL in Maharashtra

  • In order to get a permanent license after learning to drive, an individual should have Learner's License to get permanent DL

  • The duration to apply for DL starts from 30 days to 180 days after getting Learner's License

  • Minimum age of 18 years required for non-transport motor vehicles DL and minimum age of 20 years required for transport motor vehicles DL

Documents obligatory to get DL: Along with three passport size photographs, the following documents are required for DL,

10. Learning License

11. Any document mentioning birthdate of the applicant such as Birth certificate, Voter's ID, Pan Card, Passport or School Leaving Certificate.

12. Any document mentioning the permanent address of the applicant like Car Insurance Policy, Passport or Bills like telephone and electricity.

13. Application form no. 4

The Application Procedure: Maharashtra RTO has provision for both types of applicants, online and offline. The procedure for permanent driving license in Maharashtra is -  

Offline Process:

14. The RTOs are sorted on the basis of geographies, population and pin code. The applicant going for offline procedure need to identify the RTO based on his/her address.

15. The applicant needs to acquire the form required for DL and submit it in RTO by filling appropriate information.

16. The application is then verified to confirm the eligibility of the applicant and provide the date for driving license.  

17. At the day of the driving test, the applicant must carry all original documents.

18. After driving test, the applicant receives DL by post.

Online Process: Similar to car insurance online, now DL can also be obtained online. Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has designed a website for online applicants. It has a portal for new applicants along with form no. 4. The applicants can fill the form along with necessary document and schedule the driving test from the available slot as per their convenience.  Applicants receive their DL after attaining and passing the test.​